Mini Achievements


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Hi all not sure if there are other threads for this but sometimes the scales are great but I feel little things personal to you can make your week. I started my weight loss journey (this time round) Mid April and this week I have had two great things happen so I wanted to share.

For the first time ever my 7 year old can put his arms all the way round me his fingertips now touch, that made me feel great x Next step he wants to be able to grab his own hands so watch this space.

On the health front I have always had high blood pressure, but just visited the doctor today and recorded my lowest blood pressure reading in about 10 years, so much so my medication has been lowered. I can't believe it......

This has given me extra motivation to keep plodding on x

Please share some of your mini achievements too I bet you wonderful guys and girls have loads and it may give us all some great ideas xx
Since starting my SW Journey i've had a few mini achievements:

Managed to run a 5K for charity (doing another one next month) - i've never been active so this was huge for me at the time! I know love exercising

Slimmed down in to a dress that was 4 sizes smaller than I was wearing when I started SW in Jan this year. I bought the dress as motivation thinking I wouldn't be in it till Christmas so i'm made up it fits now!

This one sounds stupid but I can feel my bones!!! I love that I can feel my ribs and hip bones now! To the point that I keep asking people to poke them haha!
Thought I'd update as its been a while my now 8 year old can actually grab his fingers when he hugs me!
I had to order new uniforms for work and they are now too big.
I actually like long soaks in the bath now and can put more than a millimetre of water in it, and I am in no danger of getting wedged in tight!
I can jump with out fear of breaking my knees and I actually managed to run the other day amazing.
I wore shorts on my holiday last week for the first time in about 12 years. I also didn't feel self conscious going down to the swimming pool in a swimming costume and felt amazing lounging by the pool and not even in the least bit self conscious!
Never would have thought when I started SW in January of this year it'd be possible!