should I be having all Meal replacements?


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hi all,
i am now in my third week of SS and its been going really well..i lost a stone at second week weigh pleased with that...i'm not feeling hungry at all..and some days ive only taken 2 or 3 of my meal replacements only because i felt i didnt need any more, now my CDC says i should be having them i cynical in thinking obviously..more i eat/more she makes..or is there a real reason why i should fit them all in?
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Trying to stay healthy!
Hi cbrdaz, well done on your weight loss so far you are doing really well! I would suggest raeding the booklet that your CDC should have given you when your started, this explains the reasons for the importance of having all your packs every day and how they are essential for providing all the nutrients that your body needs whilst on this very restrictive diet. I am not an expert but I would think if you don't have them all you may become ill or be more likely to 'fall off the wagon'.
Good luck with your CD journey!