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Should I bother renewing body optimise?

I joined SW online and started 20th Sept. This week I achieved 1.5st.

Thing is I dont really use the website except for looking up recepies. There is no support forum on there, and to be honest the chart etc for monitoring weight loss is not that great, I figured I could make my own on Excel.

Im just worried I suppose that I will lose my way and dont want to risk anything going wrong when its going so well. I thought about maybe joining my local SW group just to get the books and the things you record what youve eaten on.

Its just a lot of money and I dont think I'm getting that much benefit from the resources there, in fact I really only log in a few times a week inc. when I weigh in. Whereas I'm on here all day everyday.
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Plodding on.......
I have also been doing body optimise but I feel that even though I don't use the support much, the prompt to weigh in every week really helps and I have renewed until next year (I started about a month before you). I agree that the graphs aren't that brilliant but I'm certain it has made a difference to me.

I am doing this for me and my motivation when there is food around is not for my weigh in but I don't think I would like to do without for now.

However everyone is different and I know that there are people who don't think they could manage without the support that a class gives them and others here who have been successful on their own at home without even the body optimise prompt. So, make the decision that feels right to you and keep going. That's a great result so far.

Good luck.

Gail x


My belly this will be!
I am the same - I just got an email to say they are taking another 20 quid for another months registration in december and I am wondering whether to stop. the thing that keeps me wanting to is guilt. The fact that they have paid folk to do the research etc for the diet etc. and without that research I wouldn't have the impetus to lose weight. Hmm. Perhaps if I keep it on it will be the punishment I need to get those last few pounds off.
Oooh I'm always on there, mainly looking up syn values, but I can't get to group and I like the emails and prompts.
I also like the hall of fame and milestone awards you get that you recieve.

That said I still spend alot of time reading on here and looking at the facebook group.
I would say that if you really don't use the site then don't renew?
I'd say don't renew but try classes instead, I find them much more helpful and I'm less tempted to cheat when being weighed by a real person.
my body optimise is finishing beginning of dec, i think im just going to end it and may try to attend classes. Only problem is Ive got young kids and sometime its such a hassle getting out. wouldnt wanna be getting in late and what not !
My body optimise finishes at the beginning of dec and I've decided I'm not going to a class till Jan 11th, thats when a local one to me starts up :)

I'm really looking forward to it. We went to see where the class is thats already up and running and the area isnt nice at all so unfortunately wont be going there! Really cant wait till the one starts up by me :)

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