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Should i call?? or not??


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Tomorrow its 2 weeks since i went to the doctor to get the bad news that getting help from the hospital to loose weight isnt possible (yet). Aparently i have to be ill, before they are allowed to help me (its not insured(?) otherwise), instead of helping me prevent getting ill.

But! The doc told me not to loose hope cause hes 100% behind my decision and wants to support me all the way. The week before that was the very first time he saw me, so thats pretty cool! And in that week he called me to keep me posted on the fact that he didnt have news but that he was still working on it.

Now this time! Its been 2 weeks, and i am so eager to start!! But the doc wanted to consult with the dietist about me first and wants to make clear to her the importance of it for me. But i havent heard anything.

Should i call in tomorrow and see if theres news?? though cause hes so supportive...i doubt he has news though.

And then something to add to my misery. I got a letter yesterday from our ehm...morgage?? we bought a house and the financer wants me tested cause have a weightproblem :( Also i started working again yesterday after my pregnancy leave....it is great, it really is, but i want to show my colleagues and clients that i can do this (havent told them though but just want them to see mee change.......) its so hard to wait for it to get started!! :(

Im sorry about the whining, cause i havent even started!! Ugh i just wish time would pass a bit quicker right now.
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Can't you start on a higher plan without the doctors consent?


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Thats a good idea! though i'm already started on little bits, doing sports and just plain healthy eating and no snacking stuff.
And then something to add to my misery. I got a letter yesterday from our ehm...morgage?? we bought a house and the financer wants me tested cause have a weightproblem :(
Same sort of thing over here Klev, the mortgage must have life cover so the thing is paid if you die. But because of my weight I'm paying an inflated premium for the life cover.

Once I've got the weight down I'm going to move my life cover to another insurer, so I can actually get a decent premium lol
Hi Klev

Sorry about all your problems. It is awful when you are trying to do something positive with your life and you keep coming up against barriers.

If it was me, I would call to find out what is happening.. Sometimes doctors need a little push in the right direction, it won't do any harm and it will show the doctors how important this is for you.

Have to go along with Jim - it is the same in the UK regarding insurance I'm afraid!!

Wishing you all the best


Rosie xx


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Thanks :)

i think ill give it a try later on :sigh: ill have to just do it :)

about the mortgage.i know its standard..but its so frustrating!! specially cause i am about to start and do something about it. Ah well, it will be allright, luckely i dont have to change to get a lower premium, when i lost enough weight i just call them up and theyll have me tested again.
You can start on the 810 plan without consent from your doctor I think and you will have similar weight loss as the SS and SS+, so might be worth starting on that, your BMI should soon drop to below 40 and then you can start SS without your doctors written consent.


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The thing is, im not going to do cambridge but something similar....good i picked up my courage and called in.
Aparently the dietist he wants me to go to is still busy opening here and i will probably have to wait till sept. They are not completely sure if this is going through either, so the assistent promised me she'd try to find out wednesday and call me back. When she calls me back though i am also going to ask her if the doctor wants to look into the cambridge diet for me and if he thinks thats an option as well.

End of this conclusion, i am happy i called :) though it didnt get me started, i do have some more info now on what he is doing!

Thanks for all your suggestions and support though!! And i am definatly going to look in some methods to get myself started.

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