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Should I change my diet now?

Evening everyone :)

I am going to try and get my cholesterol checked tomorrow or Tues am whilst my LO is at nursery and if it`s bad try to get a Drs appt for Tues or Thurs (they`re the days she is in nursery). Depends on if I need to book it at the Chemist or get it done right away.

Should I start on a very low fat diet from now on just incase I start on the Xenical at some point during the week or next week? I REALLY do NOT want any bad side effects if I do :eek:

I got complacent on my diet as I had stopped losing weight :(

I have had a lovely slap up roast beef dinner this eve just incase :D lol


LiSe Xxx
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There is absolutely no harm in starting a low fat diet now, and even if you don't start Xenical, then there's no harm in continuing a low fat diet either ;) :)
Hehe true Ali ;)

I don`t eat too badly anyway, Just not going to be terribly anal about fat content etc if not necessary - Just try and aim for lower fat.

I am rambling today so not sure that has made sense :rolleyes: lol x
It makes perfect sense. If you don't go the Xenical route, then as you say, you can still do a low fat diet, but without having to be religous/rigorous on the label reading fromt :)


is starting to disappear!
I'm trying to lose 2.5kg before my doctor prescribes Xenical but already I'm reading labels. Some of the food that I thought ws low fat or fairly healthy is quite often not and the amount of times I must have looked like I'd had a huge shock in the middle of the supermarket - it seems a lot of things have unneccesary fat, sugar and salt in them - it's really opened my eyes x
Hi Obsy x

I know! It is quite scary really just how much "healthy" stuff isn`t!!

I am going to try get on track with watching what I eat again. I have already managed to lose 21lbs so am hoping I wouldn`t have to lose any more to prove myself before being given the Xenical.

Good Luck to you!! xx

@ Ali - Glad you got what I was on about, I tend to ramble a LOT :rolleyes: lol xXxxx

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