Should I do Slimming World?


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Hi! I'm new to this website and I am in need of some advice from all you weight loss experts :)

I'm an 18 year old girl, I weigh around 170lbs and I'm 5ft5in. I am a bit of a health freak, striving to be the healthiest I can be through clean eating and exercising, however I do have a binge eating disorder, which sets me back a lot. I really want to lose weight and tone up, ideally to 130lbs, however if I weighed more but felt great in my clothes then I wouldn't mind.

I'm contemplating whether to do Slimming World and assessing the pros and cons and how well I can adjust it to my life. In fact, everything seems to fit in apart from one aspect, which I need advice on. I recognize that SW focuses more on low fat foods, which means I will have to cut down on my nut, avocados, 90% dark chocolate etc because I eat them all every day and with SW I know i would only be able to have maybe 1 of the choices. I also eat a lot of syned foods everyday, which are healthy like the ones I just mentioned, plus millet grain bread, homemade peanut butter and sometimes protein powder.

I think SW will be good to manage my BED because I will feel accountable and focused by going to a group each week. I just feel like I need to change, but I feel like I will miss my high fat health foods. What should I do? Can I still lose the weight successfully?

Any help would be great thank you, sorry if this made no sense!
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My advice is sw is the cleanest eating freshest food plan you can get.
Your going to have to cut down on your high fat health foods buy making choices of which one today and limit how much but there's nothing wrong with these foods but to drop the weight ull need to cut them out/down for now. Just like I have to cut down chocolate.
Increase your exercise and once weight has gone you will have more capacity to eat bit more of those things you love.
Sw will teach you the moderation until your able to moderate yourself