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should I do this? please advise!


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hi! I'm looking for some advice, I've been see-sawing backwards and forwards about a 100 times an hour today about whether to do CD again.

I did it for around 6 weeks a few years ago, and of course the results were amazing, but I found that it made me quite cranky and depressed, maybe because I associate eating with socializing and felt I was missing out on a lot of things.

Anyway, I'm getting married in September, I'm 15 stone, and would like to lose at least 3 stone. I've never lost that much in a year before, which is making me think: CD!!

Realistically, I only see myself doing the core diet for 4/6 weeks max, then go through the steps slowly adding in food portions. my questions are:-

if I did this, would it be too short a time for my body to adjust, and would I gain weight when I start eating again? Is it possible to go through the steps and NOT gain weight?

are weight losses when re-introducing food as good, better, or worse than say WW or SW? (2lb or 3lb a week) because, comparitively, this seems like a lot more hard slog! lol

has the diet changed at all since I last did it? It was 2008 ish.

Do you think I should do this to kick start my weight loss then swap to WW or SW once I've done the steps? or just do WW or SW until September and hope for the best?

thanks in advance, and sorry for waffling, can't wait to hear some opinions!
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Hi muhly.

I can totally relate to everything u are saying. I did cd for a few weeks last year and found it so so difficult. So I came off it. About a month later I started rosemary Conley and I lost the same the first week as I had on cd (6lbs). In 2 weeks I had over half a stone off. I have about 3stone to lose aswell.

CD is a fabulous weight loss plan. U just have to look at some of the success stories on here to see it. But my point is.. If u still found it so difficult after 6 weeks then maybe it wasn't for you. But then again maybe this time around with ur wedding coming up it will give u more determination.

I would definitely give it a lot of thought before embarking in it again. On the other hand, between ww, sw and Rosemary Conley I def find rc the best (I have done all three!!) it's calorie controlled and teaches u better food choices combined with exercise.

Sorry for rambling on, good luck in whatever weight loss plan you go for. Xxx
Hi, did the diet for the same reason, i was about the same weight and am getting married in April. I lost a couple of stones very quickly and it was great. I am no good at diets generally as they take too long to see results but not with this one. I found the not eatting bit really hard and it did hamper my social life but i had only planned to do it for a short time to give myself a real boost. When i threw parties i told everyone i was on a low carb diet and nibbled chicken and salad. I was very worried about putting on all the weight as quickly as i lost it but i found that i had grown some will power whilst on the diet! I also swam a lot which i think kept my muscle tone and helped to keep my metabolic rate up. I had to stop as i developed gall stones - probably related to the diet. I still have a couple of stone to shift ideally but i am miles closer to my goal than i ever would have been without the diet. The hardest bit is accepting that this is the way its going to be for a bit ( total absinteance) once i had my head in the zone and Minimims was great for helping with that, it became much easier. I did it for three months ( had planned on being 4months but had to come off the diet). Getting into my old wardbrobe of smaller clothes and the compliments i recieved really spurred me on - as did trying on my wedding dress which didnt fit ( and still doesnt :cry:yet!). If you are focused and determined its a lot easier, you still have a long time until your wedding. But for me It really gave me the head start i needed and if it hadnt of been for those pesky gall stones i would be alot nearer my goal weight but atleast now i cant eat any fatty food which is helping! Best of luck with what ever you choose to do and all the best for your wedding - congratulations!!


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S: 14st11lb C: 11st2lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 3st9lb(24.64%)
thanks both of you for your replies!!

I do think that my wedding will definitely be a lot of inspiration -hell, it should be!- and I know that I have to stick to this 100% I like the idea of nibbling on chicken/salad if I did have people round, did you find that altered your weight loss at all?

I'm going to wrack my brains. this forum was literally a god send last time I did CD! at the moment I'm 60/40 for but I realise I need to be entirely committed if this is to work.

look at that below \/

my old weight loss tracker from last time. wow, that was some amazing weight loss! I almost forgot it could be that much!
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you need to weigh up what is best for you. for me this is the only diet i can do where the weight flies off me and i don't loose interest. i find it the easiest one to stick to. i can loose weight on ww but it's slow and after 4 months i can't do it any more.

i wished that knew about cd back in 2005 when i got married. i found out about it from a magazine article on my honeymoon.

since 2008 hardly anything has changed except for the range of products. new products have been introduced like porridge (now available in 3 flavours, plain, apple and cinnamon and now pecan and maple flavour), also bars are the same with a new one out since 13.12.10 mint crunch (yum). think they've stopped one of the soups too since 2008 (the broccoli one). also you are now allowed only 1 serving of flavouring instead of 2 and 1 mix a mouse instead of 2.
Hi yes cheating did affect my weight loss a bit ( i never ate carbs only protein and a tiny bit of green stuff), i lost on average 3-4lbs a week, which i was happy with, the problem with cheating a little is it made me want to eat everything in sight and it was easier not to cheat. If i did the diet again i dont think i would cheat at all as it just makes it harder. Saving for a wedding put a huge dampner on our social lives anyway. I did swim every day ( i have a slippped disc in my back and it really helps, so i kind of have too) and on the weeks where i didnt swim as much i lost more weight, but i did get more toned so i felt it was more important to look firm and good than what the scales said. I found not drinking hard and i didnt tell anyone i was doing CD, everyone just thought i had amazing will power and loved swimming ha!

The first month was def the hardest, i just took it day by day and came on the forum ALOT!. When i knew i had an event coming up and i would have to eat, i.e our engagement party, just the thought of it made it nearly impossible to stick to the diet, so not thinking too far in advance helped. The run up to xmas was hard but i am so so glad i did it, even if i have still have 2 stone to go. This was my diet of last resort as i knew i would never get there with one of the clubs, i have been with SW for 3 years on and off and never got anywhere near goal! The other thing that kept me on track was the cost, i used to ask myself - is that naughty nibble worth £40? I would feel bad for cheating and always wish i hadnt and once i realised this it was far easier not too. The weekends were my biggest challenge, so i did a lot of housework, idle hands and all that!

Good luck!


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S: 14st11lb C: 11st2lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 3st9lb(24.64%)
ok....... after much deliberation.... I'm going to start on Friday :) I've booked in with my CDC on thursday.

I've started upping the water intake and lowering the carbs over the next few days. I'm feeling excited, actually, I've remembered how amazing the weight loss was the last time, and thats the most important thing I think.

thanks for your input guys! no doubt you'll be hearing too much of me in the VERY near future ;)


on the shrink.!!
S: 14st13.5lb C: 14st10.5lb G: 9st13.5lb BMI: 35.4 Loss: 0st3lb(1.43%)
Good for u Hun for deciding to take the plunge. I'm sure you'll do fantastic. Just keep thinking about how good u will feel in ur beautiful wedding gown. Good luck and all the best in ur weight loss journey xxx


please try again
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if ss isnt for you theres always ss+ where you either have 4 packs and a milk allowance or 3 packs and a small meal, the results are said to be similar to ss

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