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Should I give up?

Evening CDers.

I am on day 3 of my restart and today has been the toughest day so far, had to cope with in and out of fast food stores all day and lots of running round which also got my head running and thinking off food. I am not actually experiencing physical hunger, but mental hunger I mean - is that even possible lol??

I just feel like texting my CDC and telling her I can not do it no more and is not like the first time round where I had loads to lose, But that makes me feel like a failure.

Sorry, just needed to get it off my chest.
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Oh yes mental hunger is definitely possible and I still get it 24 weeks in. You're on day 3 Hun which for most of us is always the hardest and tomorrow you could be in ketosis. Please try and make it through, go to bed early, get in the bath do anything to keep yourself occupied. Stay strong, it will be worth it xx
dont give up , you are so close to goal , I know it is easy to get fed up when you are that close , but just 6-8 more weeks and you could be where you want to be :) Day 3 is a toughy .. your body will just be getting into ketosis and your brain is telling you all kind of things .. mental hunger is far stronger than physical , but also easier to banish if you learn how .... you know you can do this , and you know you can do it soon :)

I havent got much left to go either , and I have had to come off as I am having an operation in 2 weeks .. so 6 weeks off CD and I am gutted as I was going really well and on track for goal .. but I am hoping to loose some on SW whilst I am off CD and hoping to get back on it to goal once I am recovered :)

Good luck , I really hope you can get to where you want to be ;)
Dont give up, you can do this for the few weeks it will take you to get to goal, and you'll be thrilled with your results in the end which will make the sacrifice so worth it :)

Best of luck
Thank you all. I know day 3 is hard, as with the first week.

But I think it also just the thought of no food for weeks is the daunting bit, although I coped fine last time !!
its harder when you have come so far already before! but you know its worth it and more to the point, THAT IT WORKS!!!!

Get through today, have an early night, whatever....and wake up feeling powerful tomorrow knowing you have beaten your mental hunger!!!

I think it also just the thought of no food for weeks is the daunting bit, although I coped fine last time !!
I agree definitely the thoughts of no food for weeks is scary, but you're so close to your ultimate goal, I dont think you need the six weeks you've got in your signature to get there, best of luck that those pounds drop off quickly for you :)
Oh yes I know it deffo works, and thats why I am totally sticking to it.

I do hope you are right and that it its quicker than 6 weeks, although I do think that is how long it is going to take so any earlier the better really.

Woke up in a much better mental mood today. Although I did have a dream that I ate KFC and said sod cambridge, but thank got it was a dream !!!!
Thank you !!

Im in such a fantastic mood today, no mental hunger and still no physical hunger - BRING ON THE FIRST WEIGH IN !!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D


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