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should I start RTM tomorrow?

Just after some thoughts from you wonderful people really.

I'm now at a BMI of 25.3 and am have lost so much strength in my muscles I really want to start exercising properly again. But I can't do it on just food packs.

I've got about another stone to lose but reckon I can probably get it off in the gym rather than just waiting fro Keitosis to burn it off.

Thing is, I don't know if I should start RTM this week or next. I know it's a little early but I just feel ready now.

I've been doing LL 7 months and my body seems to be so used to it, especially over the past 3 weeks. I think the time to start introducing food may well be now.

What do you think? Is it to early? Should I wait another few weeks or shall I just get on with it and burn the extra lbs at the gym?
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Hi Rachel

SOme people in your predicament have gone into RTM with still as tone to lose, but they double up their weeks. In other words, they do week one, for two week, week two for two weeks, etc., as its seems its the earlier weeks where we still see the better losses.

Something to think about. :)
Strange how our body knows !

Hi Not so Round Rachel,
Out of our little LL group I will be the last one to go onto RTM. They have left me behind!
I've watched my friends trying to decide when to switch to RTM. Each of them has been different, but their bodies seem to tell them when it's had enough abstinenece and needs food. It's usually into that last stone.
I want to lose about another 7lbs before switching. By then I will have lost half of me - and that's my own goal. I feel fine so far, but my body is starting to tell me I'm nearly there. Yesterday I needed an extra food pack for the first time.
Do what your body tells you.Speak to your LLC about it too.:eatdrink051:
Hi Not so Round Rachel,
Out of our little LL group I will be the last one to go onto RTM. They have left me behind!
But everyday you are still in our hearts!! :)

I can't wait till you come along. I miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!

Not long now Mrs - and based on seeing you in between classes - crikey - the rate is flying off you now Mrs, you'll be there in no time!!! ANd our groupd will be all the better for it!


See you soooooon!
Think you're right last straw. I know I'm not quite there and am wary of starting eating too soon but I really do think this is the right time now. Scary as it is I think I may have to just dive in and do it!!
well I think after 7 months eating nothing my body is probably ready for a wee bit of chicken! PLus, my muscles are non existent and having prided myself on my athletic physique thats not a good thing I'm sure xx

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