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Should i start today, or tomorrow?

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Hi all.
First of all, i'd like to say how excited i am to be involved in the Minimins weight loss group, and relying on your support through my weight loss journey. :D

My CDC is coming to see me today, for my first CD meeting. I will get my shakes today too. The only thing is, i can't decided weather to start today or not, as she won't be coming until 1.00pm (this afternoon) i am afraid that if i start today and wait until 1.00pm then have 2 of the shakes throughout the day that i will be really hungry. I've tried doing the CD 3 times before this, and have never successfully got past the first day.
What would you all advice?
Thank you.:D
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Hi hunni!

Personally i would start today in my first few days I find te later I have my shakes the better as I don't get hungry til iv had the first one - so gives me more shakes for the evening whn i get peckish!

Your decision!

Good luck sweet can't wait to hear how u get on!

If i were you I would have my breakfast as normal , then have a shake when your CDC has been and one this evening , get started as soon as ... but..... if you are not feeling positive about startng today and feel you would rather start tomorrow then do that .. if you worry that you will be hungry etc .. you probably will be . You are best to start with with the most positive outlook as possible , so if you think tomorrow would suit you better .. do that

whatever you decide to do , just be positive , keep the knowledge that after 4 days it gets soooo much easier , and you will soon see the weight dropping off . Good luck :)


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oh you are local to me :) -waves from Edinburgh- yes start today, no time to waste and weight to lose ;)


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You could start today, I usually have my first pack at 12 noon, then 4 and 8pm. Sometimes first pack is a bit later. It's up to you but either start tomorrow or have 3 packs and no food today.


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Start when you feel your mind is in the right place because this diet is very challangeing mentally . If you start today its not to late for you to have your shakes . Good luck and remember we are all here to support you !


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If I were you I would start fresh tomorrow. I would have a last pig out today. I know it's bad but... ;)


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The most telling part of your post that no one's pointed out yet is that you've not managed to get past the first day before, despite trying three times. Why do you think that might be? Is it as simple as feeling too hungry (which happens to all of us on the first day!), or might it go deeper than that? What do you think the mental block could be?

As others have said, you have to be in a certain frame of mind going into CD. I'd tell your counsellor today exactly what you've told us, then you can both talk through it. :)

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