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Should I take a day off for my birthday?


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I am so torn! I bombed out on Tuesday and cheated and have just managed to get back into ketosis and this Tuesday coming its my 27th birthday, should I plan to take a day off? I could keep it virtually carb free and maybe have one or two drinks but am I just going to make things more difficult for myself? I just don't know what to do!!
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I think if you plan a day off it's different !

You have to return to food at some point and rewards along the way help keep u going .

Just work on damage limitation !

What are you planning to do for it? If you're going out for a meal you can always have a chicken salad with no dressing and you should be ok with a couple of vodka and sodas (not too many though!!)


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It really does depend on what you're planning to do.

Bear in mind that if you eat and keep it low carb, you still shouldn't be drinking. It's not a great idea to be in ketosis and have a drink - one, you'll get drunk much more quickly and so your resistance to food will be reduced, two - well, there's some evidence to suggest that it's dangerous to be in ketosis and drink alcohol.

So if having a drink is the important thing, then you're going to need to have some carbs that day. If you can do without alcohol, then your best bet is to have a low carb meal.

It's a really tough decision, cos I know that a big part of you doesn't actually want to come off the diet for your birthday, but you'll probably feel under some pressure to do so from well-meaning friends and family. The other thing is the "it's not fair, it's my birthday - I should be allowed to eat!" thing.

There aren't any right answers - but there is a right approach, and that's to plan exactly what you're going to do in advance and plan how to get back aboard the wagon afterwards (that's if you choose to come off :))
Hi Emma, I was just having the same debate but for my fiancee's mothers birthday in two weeks. We all normally do a family meal out for it and so i was thinking of coming off for that meal. I worked out how many birthdays i have before i could hit goal and its about 4 - which is potentially 4 weeks without a loss, maybe staying the same. half of me says yes for all the reasons you have given and the other half is also wondering whether i am just making excuses like you said!

I think what Lily has said is right that if you decide to do plan on a low carb option and try and avoid the alcohol. Look forward to hearing what you decide!
When I lost my weight last time, I started in November and had originally said that I would come off for Xmas. I'd lost that much weight by then that I didn't want to ruin it, or have to get back into ketosis, so I had a bar and coffee for Xmas lunch while the rest of my family tucked in to their gorgeous lunch.

My birthday was February and I was tempted to have a diet Coke to celebrate, but again decided against it as I feel like if I put anything in my mouth that's not 'on the plan' I'll feel like it's opening the floodgates to bigger things slipping in.

It's honestly such a short time, I'd personally not have a day off. I thought to myself it's one Xmas, and I'll have loads to enjoy as a slim person! Tomorrow is another day and it's only food after all.

That is one thing that friends who came off it said - it just wasn't worth it and they didn't really enjoy what they ate anyway - the regret was increased when it then took the pain of getting back into ketosis and then weeks losing the weight they put on, just to get them back to where they left off.