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Should i take them back?


Getting closer everyday
This may seem like a really pointless thread buti can't decide what 2 do..

I work in a nursery, so need comfy trousers, for ease of movement with the kids. Since starting LT i have tried not to buy any new clothes as i feel its a waste until i reach my goal. However i had no choice but to go and buy some trousers for work as i'm starting to look a mess! Everyone at work keeps congratulating me on how much i've lost but laugh at the state of my trousers. (They are that big that without undoing any of the buttons, i can reach both arms inside each trouser leg and wave them around!!! Its only my child bearing hips that keep them up!)

So i tried on a size 16, as i was previously an 18 and they were too big! I bought the 14 as they fit much better but they are just a little snug on the band on the waist! Hunted everywhere for trousers yesterday and these were the best i could get! They do fit and they do up fine, but they do just feel a little tight around the waist. I have a hipster pair of jeans in a 14 and they fit lovely.

my fella says to keep them as i'm losing so well it won't be long until their comfy but in a strange way they make me feel fat, like before i started LT and all my clothes were tight! Yet whats the point in buying the 16 if they're too big!

Sorry this is such a silly rant!
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It's a psychological thing, it will make you feel bad about your weight - if you're not happy take them back expecially if they make you feel negative. What you could do is stuff them in a drawer and try them next week... as long as what ever you do doesn't make you feel bad/uncomfortable :)
Keep your trousers you are doing sooo well they will soon fit like a glove. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!


Getting closer everyday
ok thanks hunny x
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Definately keep them, you will shrink into them in the blink of an eye xx


Getting closer everyday
Ok, you've helped me make a decision, i'll put them away for another couple of weeks and then try them on again. thanks guys!!


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i would say keep them i have the same problem size 16 too big size 14 too tight i would say you are same as me and be like a 15 so it wont be too long before you in them keep them hun xxx


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I would keep them as you have decided bit I would seriously try them on every week. Because we lose the weight fast, and we don't always notice where it has gone from they could go from tight to baggy before you've got much wear out of them.

Also it isn't a silly thing to post, if its bothering you then someone else will be having similar issues! Its a great problem to have tho isn't it x
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Tash, you'll be in them very soon then you will feel fantastic!

You are doing so well babe, well done.

Keep them I did the same a few weeks agp wiyh a size sixteen adnow they fit really well Im hoping to go down to the 14s soon


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i'm getting the same issue, i bought some 16's that gave me a camel toe 'down there' now they hang off me!

get the smaller ones and you will soon be having the same dilema about 12's :D:D
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i'm getting the same issue, i bought some 16's that gave me a camel toe 'down there' now they hang off me!

get the smaller ones and you will soon be having the same dilema about 12's :D:D
You will!! And it is so exciting!!!!! A few weeks ago I bought a pair of size 12 cut-offs in the sale which were too small but were so cheap I thought I'd buy them just in case! Not really thinking deep down that they could ever fit me - but I'm wearing them as we speak (and they're a bit loose!!!)

Keep going guys - onwards and downwards!

Carol x

rainbow brite

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It's great when clothes that you've had for ages or perhaps never even worn suddenly fit or are even big! Well, sort of great! lol I'm going to run out of clothes at this rate!


Getting closer everyday
I am running out fast!! Well thanks everyone, defo keeping them and i'll try them on every sunday when i do my inches! They do fit now and if i worked in an office or a shop or something, they would be fine, but i need extra space for moving lots at work. Plus clothes need to be comfy. Take care everybody x

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