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Should I worry?

I just wanted to get some advice please.

I am concerned about the rate of weight loss over the last 2 weeks. I have lost 4lb on both weeks with the 5 weeks before that I only lost 1lb each week. The reasons I am concerned are this:

My periods have been a little messed up, I spotted twice in a month and then came on 2 weeks late. I only came on 2 days ago which would normally mean a small loss either this week or the week before due to water retention.

I have also been suffering with heart palpitations for the last week. I have seen the doctor about this and he seems to think it is anxiety even though I had not felt anxious really.

Now I am worried that I am losing weight because I have an illness or something? You know they say people lose weight quickly with certain problems?!

Do you think I am worrying for no reason? Have you had random big losses after having lot's of small losses?
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I know you have already been to your doctor, but as you are very worried about your weight loss i think you should go back and discuss it. He might test for thyroid, diabetes - any number of things not neccessarily very serious. Big hugs, sort it out instead of worrying, it might be nothing at all xx xx
I agree with Eternity. Get it checked over medically first hun.
It may just be your body has suddenly decided to shift the weight after all and could be nothing to worry over, but get it checked first.

Good luck Hun...


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If you have any worries at all Kelly, see you Doctor, he may test your thyroid function - but I would'nt think it's anything to worry about, just enjoy your losses. X


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I agree with the others - see your doctor! Stress/anxiety can cause rapid weight loss and apparently (so I'm told) you can BE stressed but not FEEL it. Not sure how true this is mind you!

Get it checked out and see what comes back. I sure hope you're not ill and hope it's just two fab losses :)

Hugs xxx
I have lost 4lb on both weeks with the 5 weeks before that I only lost 1lb each week.
I think that kind of thing can happen on this plan, though. Back in January I had two weeks running where I lost 4.5lbs each time. After that I STS for three weeks. :)

I've regularly had sudden drops down of 4-5lbs on this plan too, when I haven't done anything differently from weeks where I've STS or lost a pound.

Don't worry unnecessarily, but as others have said if it's really bothering you go and get a check-up.


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this may sound really daft hon but i have suffered from anxiety for a long time abd the fact you have posted the fact you have palpatations means your worried about them which is anxiety if your doctor can se no reason for them if you dont have any immediate illness then your probably ok , stay away from coffee and cigarettes as thee set off your heart beating and try not to worry about it... you are dieting the weight losses are fine it may also be that you are at a healthier weight and your metabolism has stepped up an extra notch.
Thank you very much for the replies. I'm going to ride it through for a bit and try not to worry. If the palpitations carry on I'll go back to the docs.

Thyroid issues is a possibility since my mum has an under active thyroid and it can be hereditary!

Kelly x


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If you're gonna ride it out for a while and not go the quack I would knock all caffeine on the head for a few days and see if that helps.

That includes diet coke!
Hey hunny... I to have anxiety and get palpitations, i worry about them and i get them more!! Sometimes i don't even know i am anxious/stressed, i could be in the middle of my relaxing and get them out of no where :(.. May not be the case for you, but it may... It is worth going to see another doc perhaps for a second opinion, a simple ECG will reasure you.. :) (they can usually do these at the surgery)

As for the weight loss, Some posts have mentioned this, you only lost a little the past few weeks your body may of took its time to catch up, perhaps your lost inches when you were loosing small losses, and now the fat has finally started to break? (If that makes sense) ? A friend of mine was the oppisite, she lost loads but you couldnt see the difference, then she was loosing little and you could?

Perhaps you should also get your thyroid checked, your more at risk if your mum's is affected :)..

Big hugs x x

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