Should Ian Huntly be allowed to commit suicide

have to say when i heard that on the news this morning i thought the exact same thing!!! i'm kinda torn on the whats the point in keeping someone as evil as him alive and on the side of he should be just kept locked up and made to suffer!!! i really don't know to be honest!!
Since our British justice system means that he'll probably be out in a few years anyway, I suppose you could say that he is doing the honourable thing.

Perhaps the family of the girls should be given a say. Not to say that he should die, but whether they think he has the right to if he choses.

After all, once dead, they will never know why he did it, but then it's highly unlikely that they'll find that out anyway. I guess he probably doesn't know why.

I suppose one needs to decide what benefit anyone can receive from him alive or dead. We'd certainly save money if he died and keeping him in prison for a few years will not change anything.
I couldnt agree more, let him know the real meaning of suffering
After years of working in Psychiatric hospitals, I can tell you one thing for sure. The people that REALLY want to kill themselves, do. Even with special observations and everything else, they find a way. If he means it, he'll do it one day, no matter what anyone says or does.
I dont agree with the death penalty.

And i dont agree Huntley should kill himself either. Not from compassion because deaths too good for him.

I personally think he should be put in solitary confinement for all of his sentence, he has too many 'luxuries'.

I dont think he should be allowed to kill himself as that means he doesnt have to live with the horror of what he has done. If he really wants to kill himself I hope its a long, painful nasty death!