Shout out to all Breakthrough Bootcampers!!!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Have you now all received your itinerary?? If you are attending but haven't got one please PM me as soon as poss....

Also, feel free to bring along any before and after or in between photos that you may like to share with the rest of us....

Not long now!!! :p :p
I got the itinery thanks Diva

And will try to remember some pics

Will remember to bring a few extra packs too for the 'party'

Really looking forward to it :) :)

Oh yes...must go shopping for the pressie but it can't possibly be as good as the last one I
Heck, the ruddy present!!! :mad: Gonna have to find some time to hit the shops :p

So, my list goes:
* candles
* pressie
* packs
* water flavourings
* baking parchment
* bars
* swimming costume
* 100 fags! :eek:
* pro plus! :p
Oh yeah!! Can't forget the Pro Plus!!! :D :D
I still don't know if I will make it friday night - it all depends on how my little one copes after his operation. I'll be there by saturday lunch time.... provided I can get my satnav back from my mate!

Save me a space in the hottub!

Still not sure what I'm gonna get.....:rolleyes: