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Show us your styles


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Ok in the winter i did a thread like this and i was great inspiration for me and i know a few others so here is a summer version.....

What are you aiming for, what outfit would you LOVE to wear, favourite jeans, summer dress, shorts or a swim set something you have seen in a catalogue but think " ooohh if only i was smaller "

Well copy the picture and bung it on here for us to admire and for you to look at if you fancy cheating any day - it certainly did me some good ( maybe not the bank balance lol)

I will start

I do like these

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Yippee!! I love this thread - gives me an excuse to 'window shop' online and dream about my summer body :)

Just one question though...last time we had this thread I couldn't post any pics because I couldn't work out how/where to paste it to...can someone please tell me how to do it so I can add a few??


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Marie you find your picture online,
Right click on it and find properties
Copy the whole url
On here type your post and click the little envelope with a mountain thing ^^^^ up there above the text box
Delete the little bit that comes up and paste your URL in

Voila picture should appear


Im just me!
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i would love 2 be in any 12 comfortable in a 14 now smallest i have ever been and 5lb from goal so maybe i will keep going!!


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Oooooooooo i love things like this! I always find myself looking thro catalogues yearning to fit into half the stuff in there ! so here goes !

And dont ask me why but ive got my heart set on a pair of red sandals ! ...

i do have a fantasy outfit i may post it later :eek: hehe
I'm trying to find some pics to post on here, but annoyingly I can't find any! I will persist though, because this is a great thread!
I've bumped this thread up because I love it. There are a lot of newbies on since this was first posted, so I thought it might be worth bringing it up again.

I still haven't worked out how to post a pic myself yet though, haha...gonna have to keep trying :rolleyes:
Oh poo...I don't use MSN :(

It's so annoying that I can't work out how to post a pic - it's driving me nuts!
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A great idea for when I'm feeling like cheating. If I wore these now it's look like I was hiding a whole troupe of scouts underneath and a bevvy of brownies up top!

Erm....ok, so this little exercise has taught me that if I were slimmer then I would enjoy clothes shoppin SOOOO much more, haha - I could go on forever!!!

How nice it would be to buy things because I like them (strapless, tight, short etc) rather that buying things that cover me up.

One day...;)
Loving the clothes guys xx