Shrinking jeans!


has lying hips
YAY.... they're just too big!

I read that you can wash them and they'll shrink a size...

but at what temperature?

For some reason I was thinking 60 deg.. but will they be permanently shrunk then - or will they stretch as you wear them??

Can anyone help a clothing challenged girl?
Hi clothing challenged girl

I would have thought hotter the better but they are probably already shrunk.

I bought three new pairs of jeans. One is M&S a value type pair they are very dark and slimming and look fine £15. Then I went to a next outlet and bought 2 more pairs for £7 each. At that price if I shrink out of them again I 'aint worried. I need extra length but they had plenty of styles and sizes so it wasn't a problem.

Have fun!

Dizzy x
Hi! I'm wearing a new pair of those M & S value jeans today in a size 14 - am well pleased! So far have had them in size 18 and size 16, they are a bit stretchy which is good and I always think M & S sizes are fairly generous but still! Price is great and I don't mind if I have to keep going down a size if they are £15.00 a pair, but I draw the line at £29.50 pairs.
Would be glad to know if hot wash really shrinks jeans if they have become too big. Somehow I doubt it.
I am sure I have read on here fairly recently that if you wash jeans at 60c they will shrink a size. It can't have been too long ago as I haven't been on for a month yet. But that's what I remember !
Thanks ladies. I'm going to give it a go. I can't wear them now anyway - they're actually seem to have gotten longer as well as wider (maybe my thighs are taking up less room or something?).

I'll let you know how I get on.

Now if only I could shrink myself in the wash I could save myself a lot of time and expense...! :D