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Arrrrrrrrrghh loads of my family have had the lurgy and been vomiting now i have it. I cant keep anything down I drink a glass of water and im sick, i tried to drink my shake before work this morning and I was sick, i cant face drinking my lunchtime shake now as i dont want to be sick in work. Im sat here sipping a pint of water. I have managed today to get 1 cup of tea down me and a pint of water hopefully by the end of today i will have managed at least a couple more drinks but dont think im going to even make 2 litres or 3 shakes :(. its cack being sick when you have nothing real inside you to be sick with but i think its pointless to drink a shake just to be ill because of it.

Still hopefully itll be ok by tomorrow for WI
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gene you really need all your shakes ,i know your sick but you arent gonna get better only worse and you will start to feel weak.Maybe leave it a few hours then try making one up with extra water you wont throw it all up so hopefully you will get the goodies your body needs,feel better soon and if you feel that crap go home xxxxxxx
:rotflmao: I wondered if anyone would notice lol. I think I'm just on strike against typing anything as I've got to leave for work in a minute and that's all I do all day there - type! :eek: It's enough to drive a girl nutty! Or moreso...
hope u start feeling better soon xxx
so sorry hun you are feeling ok soon i had it the other day and i was the same could not drink the shakes at all or anything. it only lasted 24 hours if thats any help hun xxx
Thanks everyone xx I didnt have anymore shakes i did make one up but i couldnt drink it I did try though. I managed to drink a bit more water. Am not going to work today as was up all last night with really bad stomach cramps and was ill again a couple of times, reckon it will be easier to manage and to try and drink some water if im at home and not sat on a phone thinking i want to be sick hurry up get off the phone i want to be sick lol

I am going to venture out for the double WI tho will do it before i have anything to drink so should be safe .. i cant wait till monday i want to know how i did on my hols NOW ! lol
If you're sick, you're sick. Bugger the shakes. If you weren't on any kind of diet and you were sick you wouldn't eat and you'd survive. It's your stomach telling you it needs a rest to get better. Just sip water till you feel better.

Hope you're better soon, there's nothing worse..

Z x
Hope you feel better soon Genie.


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