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Side Effects???

I have been on the SS plan for over 7 months now and, other than in the first week, had not suffered any of the undesirable side-effects like headaches, ketosis breathe and so forth.

However, I seem to have developed night sweats in the last month or so, and the sweat smells really really bad. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if it's related to ketosis at all?
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ketones come out either through breath, urine, or sweat. or a combination of all three. yours must be coming out through sweat rather than the other ways I suppose :) they're got to come out somewhere!

congrats on staying on CD for 7 months that is amazing
After being on it for 10 weeks before I suffered from bruising really easily some sort of vitamin deficiency. I have the terrible breath, carry sugar free gum always lol!! X


this time - the last time
Ooh....I didn't realise bruising was a side effect. I'm covered in bruises at the moment!


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Ooh....I didn't realise bruising was a side effect. I'm covered in bruises at the moment!
Yup - your body's used to having a certain level of Vitamin K and it's likely that you were having more of it naturally in your diet before you started CD. There is a good level of Vit K in Cambridge diet products, so it's just a temporary effect while your body gets used to having less.


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Cor we're an attractive bunch at the moment - smelly and bruised. Bit like rotten fruit ;) My gums are playing me up...they usually do on SS. I don't feel my ketosis breath is any more offensive than my friends' boozy breath of an evening or my work colleague's smelly food - a good old brush and lots of water usually sorts it out for me.

I've been golden this time round - really healthy - not even the problem with rampant unending coldsores I had on Lighter Life. I think it's mainly cos I'm not stressed at work and home as well as doing this. I'm pretty zen and bouncy and full of life!


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Oooh - Lily, that's a TOP fact - I was bruising like a persimmon up until a few weeks ago...now I'm bruise free. Although that may have something to do with not being in a play with stage fighting any more ;) - despite that, I still usually bruised a lot without being grabbed and thrown around nightly....

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