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Silly little confidence boost


Gonna do it this time
I remember from the millions of times doing Weight Watchers that they talk about NSV's (non scale victories) well I've just had one.

I took the kids to the park sledging, there was no-one else there and I had a go and it moved!!!!! infact it went all the way to the bottom of the hill!!!!!:party0049::party0049:

We've just spent the last hour running up and down this hill on our wee blue sledge and I've had the best time. I actually got quite emotional when I got back to the car because normally I would have stood to one side and shouted out orders to the kids telling them how to do it but was able to join in and I really enjoyed it and so did they.

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Well done you :D


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Aw that's great. Makes everything worth while now doesn't it.


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Ahh how lovely! Well done xx


On a mission
Ahhh thats great, cant wait til i am able to do things like that with my son...I can muster a good snowball fight, but sledging?? Hmmm while to go yet...maybe next year!!

Glad it made you feel good, and rightfully so xx


Mostly harmless
and good exercise too! :D


gunna be a fatty for ever
oooh how lovely! I m gagging to play in the snow but its too cold! im a right whimp!



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Well done, i bet that makes you feel incredible!!!
i would love to do something like that with the kids that i look after but i felt too embarresed to even try (as there were mums there much much slimmer than me!!!)

Good on you!! Keep up that hard work!


Gonna do it this time

I don't think I would have done it either if anyone else had been there. Thanks for all your nice messages.

I used to childmind and spent most of my time standing at the side watching the kids have fun too embarrased to join in. Just worried now I'll be the woman coming down the slide or playing on the swing whilst her kids cringe in the corner. Lol


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