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Silly Question ???Sorry

As you can see I am slowly dropping the weight but I cant see any huge change in me :mad:When I look at other peoples photos they are showing big changes !!!

But the question is (not nice )my legs and bum have just gone soft and like jelly! Why is this and what is the best thing to do to get the weight off them ???

I am half way now but still look miles away !!:cry:
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Have you had photos taken of yourself? I think that we forget what we looked like at the beginning, and it's always more difficult to see it in yourself than it is in others. During my first 100 days I knew I'd lost weight as I had to buy smaller sized clothes but I couldn't 'see' it in myself, but I did when I saw the photos.

To help get rid of my 'jellyness' I'm exercising as I'm hoping that by exercising throughout the diet will make my body look and feel better at the end - are you doing any kind of exercise? If not then it might be worth starting, perhaps swimming as this will help you tone up.

I'm sure if you ask the people around you though they'll be able to see a difference in you - keep going, you're almost there :)
idon t be disheartened i can t see much of a difference when i look in the mirror but when i compare my before photos i can see, aswell as comments from other people, you should be proud your half way there well done
havent u got one lying around ne where of a month or so before the diet???

maybe its not weight ya need of your legs just toning, have u tried lunges and squats a few sets of these a day should help loads
I will have to ask my mum to find a photo as I am now half way round the world !!

I think I may have to get up and go swimming !!!! Live in singapore so no excuse really !!

Just wanted to see if anyone else had found this problem or just my fat bum !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fed up of being fat
Im sure there is a difference, like the others have said if you can get hold of a before pic and compare it to one now you will see it for yourself. I look in the mirror and still see myself as I was when I started, I know Ive had to buy smaller clothes and the scales say I weigh less, but it wasnt until I compared my pics lastnight that I can see a difference.

Im doing walking every day, about an hours worth, more at the weekends with the kids riding their bikes. Im also using small hand weights to try and help with my bingo wings and Im considering pilates as I keep reading good things about it.

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