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Simone Gets Slim! (or tries, really, really hard!)

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by DollyGirl92, 4 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. DollyGirl92

    DollyGirl92 Full Member

    I'm Simone, I'm 19 years old and a Psychology student from Newcastle. I've always had a bit of a weight issue, and the only time I've really lost weight in the past was when I tried atkins when I was around 15 and Cambridge Diet when I was 17. Both of these plans involve low carbs and as a pasta lover, and sometime who doesn't love meat I found both hard to maintain what I had lost. I've decided to give Slimming World a try. The idea of a slower weight loss has always put me off but now I'm at a point where it's now or never, and something is better than nothing and letting myself get too out of control. I also have PCOS and I know that weight loss helps ease the symptoms and also, one day in the distant future, my boyfriend and I would like to have children :eek:

    This week I'm planning to get myself used to eating better and turning to 'free' and 'super free' foods to fill up rather than my usual crappy snacks! This is to help me get my head in the game and is purely psychological. Starting Monday, I'll be following the plan 100% and from that date, I will not be weighing myself for one month (I'm an online member) so that when I first see the loss, it's a bigger one! I've been out and stocked up on fruit, veg, and other free/low syn foods and a few 'treats' for when I'm struggling, without all the guilty!

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  3. DollyGirl92

    DollyGirl92 Full Member

    I was 100% today for my first day! Food today was -
    2 Alpen Light Bars (HEXB), fruit salad of strawberries and an apple, one latte from my nespresso machine (HEXA, makes two coffee) with one sugar (1) I just can't get on with sweetener! I'm going to try harder to get on with them, I used to but I just can't at the moment.
    For Lunch I had left over pasta (penne with chicken, spinach, cherry tomatoes, garlic, balsamic vinegar and chicken stock) with a big salad of lettuce, spinach and cucumber with some balsamic vinegar (good job I love that stuck) and some garlic italian herbs, this would have been free but I decided to have another coffee with what was left of the milk and another one sugar (1)
    That afternoon I stupidly decided to eat a muller light chocolate pudding, which was 5 syns! in that little pot! I really should have saved it for tonight, but I really wanted to try it. Not actually sure I was that hungry, just wanted to try it.
    Dinner was an old el paso casserole that was nice, but not 7.5 syns nice, however I didn't want to be difficult and I did enjoy it, if it wasn't for the fact it contained cream (!!) it wouldn't have been so bad, but it did so alas.

    After dinner I have had one portion of sugar free jelly (0.5) bringing my syns up to 15 for the day! this might seem stupid, but I'm a fall at the first hurdle type person, so this is quite big for me! and I'm enjoying it, and feeling very, very motivated.

    I did get some devastating news last night, my Gran has breast cancer. I don't know much more about it right now, like the stage or the grade, but my mind goes to the worst places straight away, I turned to some chocolate. I'm not going to beat myself up over it, it was before I'd officially started so doesn't 'count' as such, however I do feel much more aware that I need to get a handle on the emotional eating.
  4. DollyGirl92

    DollyGirl92 Full Member

    Today and yesterday were both good days with 15 syns or under. I feel like I eat so much better! following the plan and logging my calories (just out of interest) has shown I must lose some weight over this next month! looking forward to the big weigh in and enjoying feeling healthier. I'm also planning to do the 30 day shred, I bought the DVD and it sits nicely in its packaging. I twas bought with the best of intentions, but is yet to be used! So I'll be giving it a go soon.
  5. DollyGirl92

    DollyGirl92 Full Member

    I cheated and weighed myself on Sunday! 5lbs down! Very, very happy! On Monday though, I got really ill. Norovirus hit my family and I thought I had gotten away free of it but I was wrong! today was the first day I could go out since it got me, I felt a bit better but I've been awful with food, only eating what I could handle, but not much food so I'm going to let myself off and get started this weekend. Tomorrow will be a challenge as I'm going to my boyfriends parents, which means the food will be greasy and horrid (they deep fry things I didn't know could be) but I'll pick at it so it seems I'm eating and get something after
  6. DollyGirl92

    DollyGirl92 Full Member

    So I fell of this here wagon!

    I got ill with norovirus, and then I was having a very difficult time with my depression and turned to food again! I'm recovered from my norovirus (I take forever to get over any kind of illness or aliment) and I'm ready to get started!

    I've had a major shopping trip today to make sure everything I need and naughty but nice (lower syn) treats are in the house, so I should have no excuse.

    Today I've had two alpen light bars, and I'm about to make a huge salad with chicken, a little pasta and tons of veggies, and I already had a SW curry planned for tea!

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