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Simply Filling Info (Losing and Maintaining)

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LittleMissThin 17

wants to be skinny ♥
Here's how to follow Simply Filling!

If you attend meetings, you'll find this on page 31 of your red LIVE book you receive in the second week and also in the gold book you get when you're at gold. If/when more information becomes available I (or others) will update this thread with the up to date info. :)

How To Do It?
- Only eating Filling & Healthy foods or those with a ProPoints value of 0. You use your own judgement to decide when you are satisfied and no longer hungry. Do not eat until you are stuffed- this is a sign you have eaten too much. You do not have a daily ProPoints allowance on Simply Filling because of this.

What Are Filling & Healthy Foods?
- These are foods designed to keep you fuller for longer- in your WW literature they are highlighted green or/and have a green ProPoints value icon. Or you can find them here.

What About Other Food?
- For any ProPointed food or drink (eg: a glass of wine) you still have your 49 weekly ProPoints to spend on luxuries such as these. These are here every week to keep the plan live-able :)

Anything Else I Should Know?
- Yes, you need to include two teaspoons of oil (olive, rapeseed, sunflower, flaxseed, safflower) each day as part of your plan. You do not ProPoint these unless you use more.

- Research has found people following the Simply Filling approach lost as much as weight as those that followed a daily ProPoints allowance.

What About Maintaining As A Gold Member?
- Good news, you can increase your weekly allowance up to 90 ProPoints per week! If you gain on this amount, reduce them until you're no longer gaining or losing but maintaining nicely.

So, What Are Filling & Healthy Days?
- Basically they are the SF plan but designed for a day rather than a week. You can do as many or as little of these a week as you want. It's the same system of eating until satisfied with a different name and a shorter duration.
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Do we really need to have to have the oil a day? What happens if you don't? Cos I can't think how I'd use it each day....

LittleMissThin 17

wants to be skinny ♥
My leader said we did. She also said it helps keep things moving and lubricated if you know what I mean! I use it in salad, mixed in with tuna or to fry eggs in :) The oils have lots of good fats in so it would be beneficial to use them :)
Don't really know but at the top of the simply filling page it now says threads and stickies ....I think stickies are permanent threads (but not 100% on that )
Yep and more filling too ....good luck tomorrow got everything crossed for you ...how do you think you've done ???
I really don't know- hoping for a pound- would love more and would settle for half off. Going to walk more this week with being off- hope its going to work x you've done well this week . Even with the chocolate you stayed on track x
I'm sure you've done fab Hun you've been good all week haven't you ??? I've been on track but not done hardly any exercise which I normally do loads of so not sure how it's gonna go but o well I feel better x
Glad you are honey xx I can't believe that this is going to be my third week on simply filling :) nervous bout tomorrow but I'm def eating so much healthier so that's good enough!

LittleMissThin 17

wants to be skinny ♥
UPDATED: Original post updated for Filling and Healthy Days :)


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Hi Nomes, I have not tried sf and thinking of giving it a go do you prefer it to points and if so would you tell me why lol x i am a bit wary of eating too much
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