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Simply filling recipes

Spaghetti bolognaise


Extra lean mince
Garlic granules
Wholemeal pasta


Boil water and put pasta on to cook.

In a frying pan, spray with frylight and add dried garlic, onions and extra lean mince.

After mince is browned, add rest of ingredients and cook until pasta is ready.

Prep time- 5 mins

Cooking time- 12 mins

Extra lean mince
Carrots chopped finely (optional)
Celery chopped finely (optional)
Tin of baked beans
Kidney beans
Beef oxo cube
Mild or hot Chilli spices

Dry fry the onions mushrooms carrots & celery Until softened

Add mince and fry off until browned

Add passata beans and kidney beans and crumble in stock cube with chilli seasoning to taste

Simmer for half hour and serve with wholemeal rice
r u serious baked beans r free? what heinz or w/w beans
Shepherds Pie

Lean mince (with fat drained or extra lean)
Tsp butter 1pp
Skimmed milk
One of those shepherds pie mixes
Gravy granules 1pp

Peel and chop potatoes and stick on to boil until soft.
Meanwhile, fry the mince off with onion until brown. Peel and chop carrots. Once the mince is browned, drain the fat off and make the packet mix up with 300ml cold water. Add carrots to mince and onion, add peas and poor over the mixture. Bring back to the boil.
Mash potatoes with butter and a splash of skimmed milk.
Transfer mince mix to an oven proof dish, top with potato and cook on 200f for around half an hour or until brown.
Serve with gravy

This was made as per the instructions on the packet mix and for the 50g packet, it's 1pp. I've not bothered to point it in my serving as it wouldn't count as 1pp. But you're welcome to if you want to.

2pp for the whole recipe

This is the first time I tried this way of doing shepherds pie - I usually use my Mums recipe :) If you want that, I'll post it too.
does someone have a nice casserole recipe, and how many of the weeklies would it use, i have beef!
I've got a stew recipe that I cook in my slow cooker if that's any good?

I basically take the beef and sear it (not fully cook it, just sealing it if you like). Meanwhile, par boil some potatoes, carrot, peas, onion and mushrooms.

Put it all in the slow cooker and fill with stock made with 2 beef oxo cubes dissolved in water (1pp) until it's nearly covered.

I put mine on in the morning on a low heat, so when I get in, it's ready to serve :) we usually have dumplings made with Sainsburys packet mix, which work out to be 3pp each.

With dumplings, I've pointed it as 4pp per serving. I do add gravy granules to the mixture if it needs to be thickened up, hence the 1pp for the stew mix
thanks that is exactly what i wanted will prob have bread and butter insted of the dumplings so just 4w/p for my stew, thanks
aduki bean stew

serves 4

200g aduki beans, presoaked for 12 hours/overnight in cold water (i used a tin of aduki beans)
veg stock cube
onion, finely chopped
2 carrots thickly sliced
1 leek, finely sliced (i used frozen leeks)
half a bns, chunky pieces
half teaspoon ground cumin
half teaspoon turmeric powder
250g curly kate (which i didn't use)
4 tablespoons chopped fresh chervil (which i didn't use)

drain the beans & rinse well. place in large pan of water and boil. boil hard for 15 mins to remove toxins. drain and rinse well.
(i just rinsed a tin of aduki beans)

return the beans to the pan with litre of fresh cold water.
add stock cube & bring to boil.
lower heat & simmer for 10 mins.
add the veg, spices & simmer for further 10-15 mins

add the kale and cook for few mins until just tender.
sprinkle with chervil & serve.

i put it in the slow cooker.

this is a gillian mckeith recipe and even hubby commented on how tasty it was.
he added some chicken and took it work for lunch.
Simply filling

Correct me if im wrong but i think this recipie Will only be 1pp for the full lot and its huge ! Remember to stop when satisfied

Im thinking its the baking powder that is 1 pp ?

Apple and cinnamon cake
4 egg whites
4 yolks
1teaspoon of baking powder
1teaspoon of vanilla essence
Low fat fromage frais or quark
Ground cinnamon
Sweetner (add as much or less as you like )
Grease proof paper and a baking tray

Separate the egg whites and whisk into stiff peaks in a clean bowl (the slightest bit of grease Will effect the whites ) . In another bowl mix the egg yolks baking powder vanilla essence and Sweetner . Mix in half of the stiff egg white mixture into the bowl with the yolks etc in it . Next carefully mix in the remainder of the egg whites . Spead the mixture onto the greaseproof paper ( line your baking tray with it ) and pop in the oven at gas mark 4 until a slightly browned .
Meanwhile chop up 2 apples into tiny pieces and add cinnamon to taste . You can now add the fromage frais / quark to the apples and mix it all up or you can layer it seperatly . Take the cake out of the oven and gently separate it from the greaseproof paper with a knife and turn it over . Now you can add your mixture on top and roll it up .
I normally layer my apple and cinnamon mixture then add the fromage frais on top . Using quark gives it a thicker consistency but you would need to add more Sweetner to it .
That looks good gonna have to give that a go and yeah 1pp sounds about right to me xxx hope I can stop and not eat it all !!!!!