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Simply Filling


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I haven't been told about this simply filling plan. Whats it all about?


I'm trying to sort it out in my head and am not sure I can explain it properly (hopefully someone here will be able to)

It seems to be the follow on from Core, but not spoken about much


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When i went to class my leader said they didnt talk about it much as Core hadnt been as successful as they had hoped. you are ment to eat slow and stop just before you feel full up but they had soooooo many people gain weight/sts as they were not used to listening to their bodies yet that they stopped all they hype about it


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I happened to lose 3 stone on The Core Plan and think it's fab. Helps if you are ok with cooking from scratch which didn't bother me. Take a look at Oldchem.piczo.com for some amazing ideas. There are hundreds of different recipes that have been adapted to the Core/Simply Filling plan. Your WW leader will have a booklet about simply filling, you'll have to ask for it as they don't give them out unless you request one for some strange reason. Give it a try it's easy and beats counting points anyday! :D


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I'm doing Simply Filling (after faffing about with a million different diets and putting on weight!) as I did very well on Core. I've rejoined a class too as I don't do well without a weigh-in! They are not keen on promoting Simply Filling so you may not hear about it in class, but basically, you eat three meals a day and, at those meals, you can eat until you are full from any food on the Filling Foods list. Outside meal times you can have skimmed milk and fruit. Everything else has to be pointed (even Filling Foods if they are eaten outside meal times) and you have 21 points a week to "spend" on those foods.

I like it as I can't be bothered to weigh and measure.


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How weird they don't tell you this!! I am maintaining and have over to sw as I find it easier for maintaining than obsessing over points. I must ask my ww leader about this, I still go to ww every week so would certainly rather be following a ww plan.