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Sin free burgers and sausages

Hi everyone, Im new on this site and new on the diet. This is my 3rd week. The first week I lost 2lb and the second I only lost 0.5lbs as I went away for the weekend and ate quite a bit of chocolate! This week, I have lost 1.5lbs which is a bit better but I got told that you have the biggest weight loss in your first few weeks and then it slows down. Is this right?

Also, there is a butchers near me who apparantly doesn sin free sausages and burgers. I am assuming that they are only sin free on your red days still? And that sin free chips are only sin free on green days? Woluld be grateful if people could get back to me xx
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Hi there, some people have greater losses in the first few weeks and then it settles down to a lower rate, but also from reading around some people have a lower weight loss for the first couple of weeks and then a bigger one which then also slows down into a steady pattern.

I think everyone is different and it all depends on how your body works and how much of a change the plan is to your previous eating habits.

I can't help you with burgers question sorry. But yes syn free chips are only free on green days, unless you keep the skin on and have them as a healthy extra on red days.


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Your more likely too have yr biggest weight loss in the first week-
My first week i lost 3lbs and then a year down the line one week i lost 7lbs- and i've lost 3lbs 4lbs 5lbs 6lbs before. Its just more likely for you too have your best week in the first week.

Syn free chips are only free on the green day!
Lol does the butcher post via royal mail to Wales? they sound lush!
Hahah i was joking ! omg i cant believe it he posts! im going to order some now!
Thanks for that
Let you know how i get on
RUthy xxxxxx
Omg have you seen how much you goto order! my freezer isnt big enough!! im desperate to try them!
Ill have to check the bank balance first!
Just order £26 of syn free or 1 syn meat oooooooooooo im excited! £6.99 postage though grr but hey what the hell!
I shall let you know how i do,

P.S thanks for the link


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Ruthy its worth asking your local butcher if they do them. My hair dresser just happened to mention that our local butcher in the village does them, I bought some yesterday not tried them yet. They look nice (normal) and were only £2.80 for 8 which I thought was very reasonable x
When you say them do you ask them straight out.....do you do syn free sausages?
Ruthy xxx


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S: 20st4.5lb C: 17st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 41.8 Loss: 2st5.5lb(11.78%)
Yup - I just said 'can I have 8 of your syn free sausages please?' and then she started telling me how they made them and how popular they were. good luck hunting them down x
omg, i live in Wales were meat is meat! no messing, wish me luck! heehee
God down here if a farmer heard me saying have you got syn free sauasages id get shot!
Sweet jesus!
Ruthy xxx
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LOL Ruthy! Mine too! I have bought some from that place Joe's online, I will let you all know how they taste!

I have just had a email saying mine will arrive tomorrow.
OOOOOOOOO i cant wait im soooooooooooooooo excited!
Those sausages sound sooo nice! My mouth is watering just thinking about them! Can't wait to hear what you guys think of them and I might be ordering some myself!
Hey mine have arrived today, and omg they are like the real deal and the other stuff i order smells very naughty.....like it should be fattening,..............you will all be surprised to know....IM ON 3rd red day today 3rd! omg......i am craving some savoury rice though heehee;)

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