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since it's all over the news, has anyone had...


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Someone on here had it, can't remember who now though.
My sister's mother-in-law has it as do a few people ay my work.
I'mm really ill at the moment but it's not swine flu apparently, luckly, its side effects of my HepA jab tha I had yesterday.


Bears dont dig on dancin'
The only reason I ask is because my OH went on a training course to Ipswitch a few weeks ago. A couple of days after returning he had a terrible headache and other flu symptoms. It cleared up after a week. My Little boy (14months) caught it, and as he can't speak can't tell us what hurts, but he has had a really bad cough. He woke every half hour for 3 nights running and a week later still coughing. He had a high temp too. Now I have it. I have really achey legs, arms and the back of my chest aches too. No pain in the front yet. I have a nasty cough and sore throat. I did have headaches before I came down with this properly. I just feel so rough and a bit sicky. Took LO to the docs but doc said it's probably just a virus (I didnt think to ask about sf as i wasnt ill then myself, just thought lo had cough).

I felt cold in the night and my OH said i was roasting hot, all i remember is clinging onto the quilt as he was trying to uncover me lol. If I didn't feel so fluey I wouldn't be worried...

would like to know if anyone has had t and how they were with it?? xx (I know, im a little paranoid now lol)

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Firstly...dont panic Huni.
The advice that the surgerys are giving out is that if you develop flu like symptoms, treat it as you would flu...bed rest, liquids and paracetamol...if you develop shortness of breath, or anything that isnt flu like related, then contact NHS direct or your surgery.


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My eldest daughters school gave confirmation out yesterday afternoon of confirmed cases of SF .. she is in a school in Lymington

so her and alot of her mates are off school today !


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Yes, someone on here was diagnosed with it a couple of weeks ago, so I hope she is feeling better.

The primary school in the next village to me was closed early last week because some of the children had got it, so it's about 2/3 miles away from me.

But, it seems to be spreading more at the moment, unless it's just because it seems to be in the news more often.

Keep washing you hands everyone and take care. X


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I don't anyone who has it but there are 14 people (children and teachers) who have it at my daughters school.

I'm a little anxious s I'm in the high risk group - I have both asthma and diabetes. But if I'm going to get it I'd rather it was now rather than in the winter.

I'm not worried for my daughter as she's as strong as an ox and my OH never seems to catch anything, he's very rarely ill.


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all the schools in eastbourne, so i am told have cases of swine flu. my friend's daughter has it at the moment. not been any fatalities here, thankfully.
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Sigh poor you hunnie. I am recovering from it at the moment as I believe Zobo is too. Monday afternoon had really sore throat, headache and started burning up. Tuesday called the docs cos I could hardly speak, receptionist said please dont come down to the surgery I'll get doc to call you back which he did. Asked me if I had any symptoms from a list he read out which I did, to which he said I need to get some antivirals from our local boots but i wasnt to collect them myself and signed me off work for a 7-10 days. Wednesday/Thursday I felt like I'd been kicked in the back of the head and was having my throat squeezed, still very hot, looked grey. Last night started coughing and sneezing. Today still coughing but feeling much much better, had to take son out to get him clothes for his new job, stood up for 5 mins and felt I just had to sit down very weak. So tomorrow hoping I feel 95%, ready to go back to work tuesday. Think you need to call your docs hunnie. Hope you and littlun feel better soon xxxx


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AHhh...my friends little boy has got it at the moment! It's only mild, but I feel so sorry for them. She and her lil boy are meant to stay at home with no contact with anyone for at least a week..... :(


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Hope everyone else on here who has got it feels much much better soon! :)


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My children's school has 2 suspected cases - 1 in DS's class and 1 in DD's class. As no one is really testing anymore they aren't confirmed cases.


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Some on in my office has it, HR are send up packs with info on it and that dry hand wash stuff to everyone.
I've a terrible amune system - i'm dreading getting it :(


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Hope everyone who has it gets well soon. My OH's bro says we can't have it as a guy at his work was seriously ill with it. Now I've had to explain that you can have a very mild case of it. It just acts different with dif people!

Saw my mum for an hour the other day and now she is having the same on-off flu symptoms I had to start with, 2 days before it kicked in properly with me. I told her to phone the doc in the morning if she feels ill still. Xx