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Since starting SW....

Hello everyone,

Since you started SW is there anything you eat now that you would have never dreamed of eating before>

For me its quorn - i had not eaten it for well over 10 years when i was a veggie and now i cant stop eating it. Its filled with protein!

The other new thing i eat all the time now is quark - i'd never even heard of it before!
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
For me it has to be cottage cheese. I would never have dreamt of eating it straight from a tub, let alone cook with it before!!
Definately quorn, and quark too, but with doing EE I must admit I would rather have the extra lean proper mince. Don't bother much with quark either really unless doing a party type table and want some puds to put on it.
Chickpea curry (canned from Asda) is something I never had before SW and now I love the stuff, always got a few tins in the cupboard for quick lunch or tea.
mullerlight yogurts

I was never a big yogurt fan before but i find these really filling and tasty ( i get told off by Big Momma as they're not veggie though)

and i cant wait to have a go at freezing them!

Oh god, 18 weeks til Christmas.. is that it?!
Well I'd never ever heard of quark, let alone used it pre SW days so there's one thing.
I've always eaten lots of foods but tbh, I eat different things now I grow my own veg. I never ate beetroot before last year but do now. Chard is anothe new one for this year and I also have fennel to try too (when it's ready)
Oh and beans, I eat so many different beans now - cannelini, borlotti, black eyed, kidney, lots and lots of them. Never did that before SW.

Still can't get used to quorn though!

PS - GCH - loving the avatar hun, check you out!!!


Nojo on the YoYo
Quorn sausages man. Quorn! Sausages! Nom nom NOMMMMM!!!!

And tinned tomatoes. So very versatile.

I also would never have bought my own chickpeas and made houmous before but I prefer mine now to the shop bought blech that you can get.
Quorn, and most recently cous cous, which a shock to me let alone everyone else LOL. The textures still slightly bizare to me, but im getting there!!! Lol.

I never used to like couscous but since doing SW i do actually like it now. Never had a go at making it from scratch though yet, ive only done the Ainsley Harriott packs :p


Extra Easy Apparently...!
Yup, GCH, another nod to that fab body. WOW!
Im exactly the same as you GymClassHero, quorn! I was veggie in my teens but didnt eat enough protein so had to eat meat again. Last year I went veggie again, for good, & since starting SW I cant believe how much I love quorn & how much of it I eat.


Nojo on the YoYo
Hey Quornfans have you tried the Quorn southern style chicken burgers? They are DELICIOUS! And I think they are only something teeny like 2.5 syns each, which is great for a midweek pickmeup when you feel like you need something a bit naughty.

Feels like you're eating Bernard Matthews turkey burgers. If you save your HEXbs for buns, HEXa for cheese and some syns for light mayo, its a-ma-zing!
I now eat cous cous- only ever had it in my salad box from morrisons -luv it now, Sw quiche ,mmmmm. Sw sausages we get from our local butchers and at only 1 syn each they are really great-cant stand any other ones now.. and Im loving all my veg so mush that tonight OH is having river cobbler (fish) and chips and im having tates and cabbage oh yes !!
Oooo thanks for the tip Vixxster! They would go down well with some syn free chips me thinks!! :)


Slow but sure....
Mainly quark for me as I had not bought any before, and cous cous I had eaten it before but not as often as I do now, and Laughing Cow VLF cheese triangles, these were something that I hadn't bought in years and now I love em'....and Alpen Light Bars, wouldn't be without them now. X

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