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Sineads 4th Day On Re-Start! x


going to do it this time!
So today is my 4th day re-starting cambridge!
Many of you may have read my other re-start posts.. and you'll know im just going through a really emotional break up :( .. I started cambridge back in April 2008 and did so well! Lost about 4 stone in 3 months! And then of course i got myself into a relashionship, got comfy, started having the odd take-away and meal out, and before i knew it i had put on over a stone of what i had lost! :cry:
My break up is still very fresh & im hurting so much, but i feel that now is the time to start cambridge again.. concentrating on me! And finding the old sinead, the one you didnt need a man to make her feel good about herself!

Soo.. day 4!
Havent cheated once! Stuck to the good old mint choc shakes and porridges!!. . Seeing my councellor friday to begin again properly, as ive just re-started using the shakes i already had from last time!

In desperate need of lots of msn buddies and just diet buddys to email and chat to for support!
So if anybody else has around 5/6 stone to loose, or just wants somebody for a chat! Please PM me for my msn, or email me!

x x x
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I've just replied on your other thread!


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wow that's really quick weight loss last year, good luck with this year!
i have five stones ish to lose, i am not sure. it's kind of hard picking a target weight, because i guess 8 stones 7 would be ideal for my height, but if i look like a total stick, i don't think i want that!
i have no idea how to use any of this site pm stuff or anything, but i'll be around for a while losing all my weight :)
stay strong, you're doing really well!


going to do it this time!
thankyou hunny!
Good luck to you as well.. ) .. I`ll send you a messege through your profile, it should tell you when you get it when you click on user CP at the top!
How you finding the shakes & stuff? x x x


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S: 14st0lb G: 8st8lb
i am such a computer retard you would not believe, i don't belong to our generation!
i am only having the shakes, as i don't like porridge and the idea of the soup is not nice for me! but the shakes are really good, apart from toffee and walnut :)
the whole diet is going quite well i think, there are of course some horrible aspects, like i am having trouble sleeping, and cold feet, and horrible breath, but i am confident that i am loosing weight. i have my first WI on saturday, so i will be able to know for sure then!!


going to do it this time!
well done for sticking to it so far anyway!! :)
Oh ive tried messeging you through your profile but it isnt working.. so just have to chat on here for now!!
Aww.. the porridge i find is really lovely! And really good for when you want something sweet to eat! .. The shakes i have our mint chocolate, & thats it lol! Tried all the others but don't really like them!
You finding all the water intake ok? x x x


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S: 14st0lb G: 8st8lb
i am doing super with the water, i have always been a big water drinker so it is not much of a shock for me. i am sometimes drinking 5 l, i want to cut that down, because as much as they say water is good for you, i just don't think i should be drinking that much water!
i am hoping to be at my target weight for the summer sales, because i haven't bought anything in these sales as i don't know what size i am going to end up! it's very frustrating, as i went shopping with my mum and saw this beautiful dress, and i wanted to buy it but no idea what size to buy it in!
Hi there,

im in the same posistion as you at the moment, just come out of a 4 year relasionship and getting back on the diet now

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