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Size 12 and clothes sizing

Hi everyone!

I am just so excited that I had to post. At the weekend I went shopping. (this was a vanity exercise entirely) I didn't want to 'waste' my money on clothes that would only fit for a month or so.
I tried on lots of different clothes, tops, skirts, dresses, shirts, shorts, jackets and I brought size 14 into the changing room (which I was delighted about because size 14 is something I've always dreamt about) well I was so surprised that in most of the shops I went into that all size 14 were too BIG! I had to get 12's!!! I've never had a size 12 anything before!!
However what I don't undertsand and would like some advice on is how would I be a size 12 at 11 and a half stone and 5'2? My goal is my goal is 9.5 stone so I'm worried that I'll look stupid or my wedding dress won't fit (its ordered in a size 10) I mean I think that at 5ft 2 even 8 stone is considered healthy so what size would I be then??? 6??? I wouldn't personally like that look at all (I like curves , not rolls of fat, but a soft femininity) Has anyone encountered this before with clothes sizing etc?
I would be very grateful of any replies,
Thanks everyone,
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Sizing is so bizarre and of course it depends on your body type. When I did CD last time, I hit a size 12 at about 11stone 12lbs and stayed there, even when I got to 10stone 7lbs...but that might have been because I was too scared to try on a size 10. I stay in a certain size for quite a long time...say 1stone and a half.

I was forced to order my wedding dress in a size 16 (they even told me to go for an 18) even though I was a size 14. I then did LT and got to a 12 and they had to take 4 inches off everywhere on the dress. Luckily, it looked ok (although it was still a bit too big). I think you will be fine with your wedding dress, they can always take it in if necessary.
hello big loser. I know what you mean, I have been getting into tesco, asda, twelve jeans but dorothy perkins and next are still too tight. I have noticed the sizes are very varied depending on where you shop. I am 11 stone 5lbs at the mo and i would like to get to 10 stone but like yourself wonder if it will suit me. I may be happy when i am the right weight for my height which is 10.10 at the top end. Also i think when you get a bit older(im 32) you wonder how that much weight loss will affect your face!!lol. anyways, good luck with the diet and dress, I think you will know when you are happy with your weight.

Thanks for your replies! Jeez I guess its bizarre for the first time in my life my clothes sizes are going down :)



Back to reality!
Well done hun!
It is the best feeling. I have only lost a stone but I have gone from 16-12 in a month and it's fantastic! Wedding dresses are silly sizes ( not sure why?! ) but I had to get mine in a 18 even though I was a 14 at the time!
Keep going you are doing so well!
T x
Hi Tigerlilli,

Thanks for your kind words. Maybe we are dropping dress sizes so quickly because we are losing lots of fat! I have definitely noticed the fat on my body disappearing!! Yippee!!
Good luck hun


Back to reality!
I hate topshop!!!! Ever since I got over a size 8 shopping in topshop is never a pleasant experience! I swear the sizes are 2 sizes smaller than they should be. And all the clothes look really bad if you don't look like a pencil. No good with curves!
Just think how much we are helping the economy girls with all these new clothes lol!
T x


Having a mid-life crisis
Wow just goes to show how different we all are

I'm 5'4" and a size 12 and weigh 10st5 (although I could get into most 12's when I got to 11stone)

I seriously need to tone up! I reckon without my belly I'd be a size10 easy ;)


Silver Member
Wow just goes to show how different we all are

I'm 5'4" and a size 12 and weigh 10st5 (although I could get into most 12's when I got to 11stone)

I seriously need to tone up! I reckon without my belly I'd be a size10 easy ;)
I think being toned makes a whole lot of difference. After I had my 1st son 11 years ago I went on Weight Watchers and went exercise mad, I was at the gym 5 times a week (nanny babysitting;)), I had a lovely toned body :rolleyes:, I lost all the weight and more and I weighed 9 stone and was a size 6/8. Now I weigh just under 9 stone and I am 'just' in a size 10 :confused:.
Hi everyone,

Thanks for your replies, just goes to show everyone is fitting into different sizes at different weights and it definitely goes to show how inconsistent shops are with their sizing. I must agree with the comments about Topshop, I think their clothes are made for very young girls or Kate Moss (I mean I'm not old, I'm 26 but I know lots of my friends who get depressed when they try on Topshop clothes, they are tiny)
You lucky things - you are all so far down the road from us newbies but what an inspiration. It must be an amazing feeling to fit into clothes a couple of sizes smaller than you did. I know sizes vary shop to shop but show off your size 12 and be proud of it!!!

I am so envious. I am still a 16 but hoping to see a 14 in the next few weeks.

I am also not sure of the "perfect" weight according to my lipotrim lady. I am over 5'7" - in fact I am prob closer to 5'8". When i weighed in I was 16 stone and she said I had to loose 5 stone. I was always around 11 and a half stone and was a size 12. So I suppose she is right - I just didnt realise how much I had gained!!!

I only gained this weight in the last 8 months. I had a really hard time after something awful happened our family. So anyway I guess I turned to food for comfort. Anyway I find myself here now with a big hill to climb and am so delighted to hear success stories as it keeps me going.

You have every right to be so proud of yourself for losing the weight and turning your life around. I hope one day I can be like you.

Hey Yummymummy(2b),
Good on you for losing 10lbs your first week! Its excellent. You too will find the weight will drop off you on this especially after a few weeks. Honestly I think that if you put lots of weight on in 8 months, you can lose all that weight on LT no problem. Whatever horrible tragedy you experienced you have come through it, and while you'll always have the horrible memories and the effects, you have the power now and the control to get your body to a healthy weight. I'm surprised the pharmacist couldn't work out what was healthy weight for you, I googled it and at your height your healthy weight would be between 9.5 and 11.5 stone.
I hope you lose all the weight you want and you will be in those size 12's, 10's or 8's in no time! xxx
Hi MrsD2b

I havent figured out how to put a thank you on peoples post so just have to say it here. Thanks for that. Ya we got through it but it was hell.

I also havent figured out how to private message someone. Technology was never my strong point!!!

Thanks for your words. I am def stronger now after everything that happened. I actually feel so much better in myself since I went on this diet. I think feeling a bit better in my clothes has raised my confidence and given me a boost.

sorry I prob explained it wrong. The pharmacist did say 10 stone was a healthy weight for me. I was stunned as that would be 6 stone down. I honestly dont know what mirrors I have been looking in all along as that came as a huge shock. I innocently thought I was about 3 stone overweight. I think myself 10 stone is a bit ambitious for me but you never know!!!

Thanks for the support
Hi Yummy,

I just tried to private mail you but you haven't reached 50 posts yet so this forum doesn't give you priveliges yet, you are on post 49 so you'll be there soon! Fair play to you for tackling the weight, it has taken me my whole entire life, I'm 26, to lose this weight. According to my healthy weight I could go down to 7 stone 11!!! Yikes I wouldn't like that at all, I'm happier at the heavier end of that, at 9 and a half stone. I've never been 9 and a half stone in my adult life so its exciting seeing my body changing and shrinking. I'm 11 10 at the minute and I feel nice and slim already! I can't wait to see what 10 and a half is like! I find this forum is like a life line, I'm going through a hard enough time at the moment work wise but I could give myself 1000 reasons to break this diet but honestly I don't want to, I love it. I love having the control over what I'm eating. I also have a plan for after refeed, my goal is to get into that wedding dress!! As soon as your profile allows I'll send you a message on this and show you how to send private mails...I still don't know my way around it fully, I just figured out the live chat feature this evening.
How are you finding it so far? I know what you mean about 6 stone loss being daunting it really is but I started at 14 stone 11 and I really have taken it a weigh in at a time. I initially said it would be for 6 weeks to kick start weight loss then I realised how excellently it suited me so decided to do another six! I'm in week 10 now and I'll review it in 2 weeks but in my heart I'll do TFR for 6 weeks at least more to get as close to goal as possible before I do re-feed and maintenance/weight loss.
Don't look at it as 6 stone to go, look at it as a stone is each step and see how LT is suiting you!

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