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Size and weight



Happily pro pointing!
Hey Anna
I am 5ft 4 13 9 and size 14/16, depending what I am getting, but baggy stuff like pyjamas and my winter coat I can still wear some of my size 12's.
See what I mean, I am 2 stone heavier, four inches shorter, and yet the same size!!!

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
I'm 5'7", 169lbs and a size 16, although depending on the style of top I might be size 18 on top.

I agree that there appears to be a huge amount of variation, another reason why the BMI scale often appears to be 'off'. I suspect a lot of it is down to build. I am quite broad shouldered and big boobed so I always feel like a heffer no matter what weight I'm carrying, I've always envied that narrow shouldered 'bird like' figure. It's difficult to talk about differences in build though without people assuming I'm making excuses for my size or weight which is very frustrating. I would probably not mention it anywhere else but here!

Clothes manufactuers are starting to face up to the fact that you can have a 'petite' frame but still be a size 20, which is a start.

It just goes to show that weight loss is a personal journey and comparisons with other women really aren't very helpful.
I am quite broad shouldered and big boobed so I always feel like a heffer no matter what weight I'm carrying


Alway see the love x
Im 5"2. 10.6

Im a size 10 jeans
size 12/14 top. 36D bust.

I like to wear baggy 12/14 as I havent got use to being smaller. Getting there.

Woofy X


Fat busting crime fighter
im 5"2", weigh 173 lbs and am a 16 bottom, 18 top (big mawangas, which I hate) <--- lol!
Im 12st 3ish and 5ft 5, im a big size 16 bottom and a big 14 top. xx
I'm 5ft 2, now 11st 10. Size 14 on the bottom but some trousers a 12! Size 16 on top sometimes an 18, big boobs which I love but a fat back which I hate - like to refer to it as my buffalo!

Don't be too envious of our cleavages JM, they would add on an extra 1/2 stone or so possibly more in some cases!!!

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