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Size/Shape/Weight - can we compare?

Hi there,

Hope you don't mind but wondered if we could share some of our credentials, I know we are all different but it's still nice to get an idea of what size we may be at a certain weight?

To start us off, I am currently 227lbs (16st 3lb), 5'5, apple shape and mostly in a size 20 - although i rarely check my labels and just squeeze into what I can from my wardrobe :eek:

Anyone else like to share?

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Hi Im 5'7 and 13stone 8 Im in a 16 was told I am hour glass shape at our cd group although I think of hour glass as a size 8 perfectly balanced model LOL!!
Hello, currently I weigh 16 stone 11 (but that is unofficial, next weigh-in is on Tuesday). I'm bottom heavy mainly getting into size 20/22 and top half is 18 although I can get into some 16's. Height is 5'6. Not sure what shape but I've always called myself orange ha ha.
Hi, I'm 5' 10" currently weighing in at 12 stone 9. I'm wearing a 14 on top and must be a 17 on the bottom (my 18s are all too big but can only get into a few 16s). I'm definitely a pear but my main problem is my saddlebags rather than my hips/arse. xx
I am 5ft 6 and about 14st 8 at last weigh in. I am a 16 top and not quite a 14 bottom, its bizarre how weight doesnt seem to coincide with size. At 15 stone and 13 stone I am still a size 16 comfortably.
hey, i am 5'6 16st 2 and not quite sure what shape i am big belly, big thighs, i am an 18/20 on the bottom and 18 on the top.
Im 5ft5 and 16.1 as of last weigh in but think ive lost a few pounds and i fit into 18s however i would say JUST fit into :D not for long tho, however i was just at a wedding dress fitting and was told i would need a size 22 dress.. talk about gutted!!! :(
I am 5' 7". At last weigh in on Sunday I was 229lbs (16st 5lbs). I am between a size 18 and 20, I can wear size 16 tops but my bottom half has not caught up yet. I am top and bottom heavy, dunno what shape this makes me lol.
Hey there, I'm 5ft 1 (just!), weight 8st 10lbs, I'm a 10 on top and and 8 on the bottom, according to Trinny & Susannah I think I'm a vase which is a bit like an hour glass but with a narrow squished bottom!! :eek::eek:
Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for sharing, isn't it funny how we descibe ourselves :8855:

It's lovely to compare to people similar in height but amazing how your body shape makes such a difference i.e apple/pear etc I carry alot around my middle so cannot always get into the next size down as quickly, quite often the legs/bum area in trousers is too big by the time my waist catches up :cry: need to target my middle but it doesn't work like that huh!?

Lovely to hear from people who are smaller than me too so I can dream about getting there :D

Thanks ladies xx
hi wannabe i am 5ft 4 and 12st 1lb ,and am a 14 top and bottom at the mo,was at 20 top and 22 bottom to start with.i was always pear shape but am now straight up and down.no ass at all will have to have knickers with bum pads in,god women will we ever be happy ha ha
I'm 5 foot 4 and 10 stone 1. I am a 12 now unless its a top that has buttons in which case I go for a 14. I'm aiming for nice 10/12 all over. I was top heavy but I'm evening out now to being more of an hour glass shape X x x


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I'm five foot five and weighing in at 9 stone 8 and fitting in size 10s top and bottom. I am a size 10 when I am 10 stone too because I have and athletic build now, muscley and toned...I have a small bust and am a bit straight up and down (boyish figure)


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I'm 5ft 2in & weigh 9st 10lb. I'm a size 10/12 depending where I buy from.
I'm an hourglass shape. Big waps & small waist.
Hi I am 19 stone 5ft 7 and I wear an 18 on the top and a 22 on the bottom.....I am a pear shape I think with a empty baby bag on the front lol......

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