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Sizes Lost


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When i started at the beginning of january I was wearing an 18 comfortably. today, having only lost just over 2 stone, i am weraring a pair of size 10 jeans, admittedly they are 'stetch', and it flabbergasts me, as I'm about 4 lbs heavier than I was last time I lost weight and I was a 14 then, had to wrestle into a 12! I put it down to my gym activites combined with this diet. If I lose another 1.5 stone (which I hope to) I might be an 8!!!

S: 14st6lb C: 14st6lb G: 9st3lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi - I tink I must be a bit weird as I was a size 18 and probably 2 pizzas away from a 20 when I started LL.

I have lost 3 stone and am just in a 14 & some makes I am a 16 - the people in my group cannot beleive it as they say I look much slimmer. :confused: :confused:

At this rate I would have to be 5 stone to be a size zero - not that I would want to be a size zero.

I hope that at the end of this I can get to 8/10 which was what I was way back in the not too distant past in my early 20's..... if only......

3 stone down - 3 stone to go :( :D :( :D


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I was a size 18 on the top and a 16 on the bottom, I am now a 12 all over although have just bought a size 10 skirt!!! Would like to stay a 12 on top and be a 10 for real on the bottom. I think the skirt is a big 10:eek:

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
S: 16st0lb C: 12st10lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 3st4lb(20.54%)
hia katie
i went from a size 20 to a small 16/ large 14
now 4 weeks later im a comfortable 12 (the smaller you get the faster you shrink with every pound lost )
or so my oh sais
I think that's true.

I have gone from 16'8 (size 22, starting to look at 24) down to just under 14st and I bought two M&S size 18 skirts yesterday. In BHS I was a 20 on the hips, but an 18 on the waist so bought the 18s anyway for two weeks time!

I fully expect that when I have lost another stone I will into 16s. Hope springs eternal!
I started as a size 20 and have lost 3 stone and am now into a size 16 and can get into some 14's. I do have a couple of 12 tops/jackets that I also get into.

I have completed 69 days so far on foundation.

I have gone from a 38" chest to a 34" and that was measured a month ago so that could possibly change when I next get measured for bras

I started at an elasticated waist size 18 ( was in complete denial about getting to a 20 but it was a lot closer to the truth). Lost 3st 6lbs in foundation and dropped to a 12/14 all over. Have since lost another stone and am now in a comfortable size 12. I deally I should probably lose another stoneish to get me into a 10 but I'll see how it goes.
Wow all your losses are great - amazing to see how much people have shrunk .....:clap: Well done to you all :clap:


ps - I really can't wait to shrink LOL


has started again!!
Yes, I desparately want to shrink too. I have no idea of my true size, as I have lots of elastic waists and t-shirt type tops. I have some blouses for work, that are a 24, and getting looser but who knows? I would love to weigh 10 stone and be a 12, but I dont think I ever have been...... so what are the chances?

Huge cravings at the mo, not for junk but for things like fish, veg and salad?? (Really wanted smoked haddock{??} at the weekend, so bought some for OH to eat the week, must be a sado-masochist!!)



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I was a small size 18 / large 16.
I have lost almost 3st and can now get into size 12's (just! another half a stone and they will be far comfier)
I even squeezed into a size 10 dress the other day! :eek:
I had a 42" waist (i owned one pair of 44") :-(

BUT been doing LL since 7th Feb......... and now fitted a 38" over the weekend, they weren't loose, but they did up! RESULT!!!!!

That is 2 sizes, so far.... my aim is a 34-36 waist, comfortably.

Just got back from TEscos, and I tried a 36" thinking, lets just see how long I have left, and THEY FITTED ME

My girlfriend and I both could NOT BELIEVE IT!!! LOL

How good did that feel, okay, they weren't perfect, but they did up, and they were only £7.50, so i bought them! haha


I think I am going to start a completely new wardrobe! YESSSSSS

I am going to post some before and current photos ASAP too :)
:bliss: That's brilliant Tommee - am made up for you :)


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