Skeptical but im trying a full week on healthy and filling!


Bring it on...
So I've decided to do a full week in healthy and filling this week to see how I go, I must admit yesterday was really easy, I had jacket potato and beans for lunch and a spag Bol which I made with all free stuff for dinner, and I was completely full didn't even need a snack. Easy too cuz the rest of the family had it!

I'm staying quite reserved tho and I've hidden the scales at home so not tempted to hop on, I'm terrible for that and if I don't see what I want...I'm tempted to go off the rails!
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Bring it on...
Going good so far, 3 days in and I'm finding it really easy and more sociable to eat what the family eats. Im not snacking at all either, just 2/3 meals a day and it totally does me...

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I started doing it 2 days ago as well, and I must say I've found myself much less likely to snack well, I feel kinda full all the time, which is kind of the point, I suppose! It's definitely better suited to people who cook more, which I like to do. You need to be organised, I think, to make sure you don't end up eating the same stuff all the time. Will plan it out a bit better over the weekend, but definitely enjoying it, like yourself, and it does feel a lot more like what normal people do!


Bring it on...
OMG 4.5lb off that's a full week on healthy and filling using 47 of my weekly points...I am totally gob smacked!


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Brilliant! I love SF!