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    Hi everyone, I have been on SS for 12 days and I am now completely freaking out.... I started at 14st12lb and have so far lost 1 stone.... All though I am so happy the weight is coming off and each day I am closer to my goal... I am also mortified!!! I have noticed the last two days when comparing my pictures I have taken to the day I started that I have some horrendous looking skin, on the inner third of my things it just looks like really bad cellulite... and a bit droopy... I am aware that I am going to need to exercise, but already its looking like this!!!! I have another 3 stone to lose.... its terrifying and I really do not want to get upset and binge, because I have done these 12 days with not one cheat and dont plan to... But when I get emotional I turn to food!!
    I guess what I am asking is if anyone else had similar experiences.. I have looked on Google and some people have said it is a case of getting worse before it gets better... is it going to get better the more weight I lose, or is this 4 stone off of my 5,8'' frame going to leave me looking horrid?! I'm 30 years old and aware that the older you are the worse it gets :(
    ANY advice from people who have been in similar experiences would be so so greatfully accepted

    Thank you xx
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  3. ChrissyRiley

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    It get's better, I exfoliate the crap out of myself every day and apply loads of palmers stretch mark cream as well and my skin is definitely improving xx
  4. evi1ang3l

    evi1ang3l Full Member

    I have been going on my power plate every day as that scares me too sagging skin
  5. Daisy65

    Daisy65 Silver Member

    I lost 6 stones on cambridge in 2012. I used a cross trainer about 4x a week with weights on my wrists and ankles - only about 30 minutes a time. I ended up with a little loose skin on my tummy but wasn't too bad. Also a bit of wrinkle at the top of my thighs but looked much better than they did before the diet. I was 46 so I was expecting to carry around wads of loose skin. I am sure that you will be fine at 30 - also remember that after weight loss that skin continues to tighten up so you may find that your skin catches up over the next year.
    Well done on the weight loss so far.
  6. LizzRob

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    dont let lose skin put you off the diet! We all put our bodies through a lot to get to the point where we need to do cambridge, and we have to accept that it will take time and dedication to get it fixed.

    Keep with the diet, exfoliate and do gentle exercise (such as yoga/pilates) while youre on only has so much elasticity but some of it will go back.

    Unfortauntely, i lost 10 stone and i have excess skin, but i'd rather that and be a size 12 than a size 22/24!
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