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Skipping meals???

Hey...i was just wondering how important it is to have the 3 meals a day?? I find if i have a breakfast, im never hungry at a lunch time, it does me till dinner. Altho i then find i pick a lot at night, mind you i think thats more a habit/bordum type thing rather then a hunger thing :rolleyes:

When i was doing sw before my consultant was always telling me i wasnt eating enough. Does it really make a huge difference to your loss?? Should i force a lunch down me too?

thanks in advance for the replys :)
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I don't believe in forcing meals down yourself but I do believe in eating smaller meals 5 times a day, so I am never hungry but I'm still keeping my metabolism ticking over. Not eating for long periods will just put you in starvation mode so you prob eat a larger meal later and start picking.

Do whatever works for you but I think it's very important to eat enough throughout the day small and consistent!


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Why not have your 3rd 'meal' in the evening, i.e. beans on toast or some cereal. If you put it all on a plate it might stop you picking as you feel like you've had a meal.
I never thought of that to be fair lol i tend to have my dinner with the kids about 5pm but then from 7ish pick at things....and its then i find im tempted to grab the not so good for you things. Like now ive just had some cashews....altho im still within my syns so not all bad. But im not always. If i had a supper it might just stop that...thanks

I quite like the sound of 5 small meals a day too, but i dont know if id have the time to sort it all out around the kids
Doesn't even have to be proper meals I have weetabix & a banana for breakfast, grapes or mullerlight at 11, lunch 2pm soup, fruit or pasta, 5pm apple or hifi bar and I tend to have dinner around 8/9 depends when I get home from the gym! small but I'm always satisfied and ear yummy food :)
Thats great, thats does actually sound really doable too....thank you! I think i may try that for a couple of days and see if it stops the picking
What time do you have your meals? I dont eat tea til about 8 but I try to always have healthy picky items around for when I just need to nibble. It can be anything - pre-chopped mixed/frozen fruit, berries, yogurt, frozen grapes, Quorn slices, chopped up bits of healthy sausages, already-cooked potatoes in spices, hummus, carrots, pickles, beetroot, leftover bits of a million different salads - anything and everything.

We often have a buffet-salad thing for tea where we have all sorts of little nibbly things to pick at, just a little bit of each. Maybe you could have something like that hanging around either as a meal for when you want to pick at it or as little portions in your fridge. There's no point eating if you're not hungry but if you have a pick-habit just make sure theres loads of interesting and healthy stuff to pick at on hand.
Thanks....i normally have breakfast around 8am then tats it till about 4/5pm when we have dinner.....i sometimes have a lunch about 1pm but not very often to be honest. Then from about 7pm i find myself picking at things till i go to bed :(
I nibble alpen light bars in the morning for brekkie, have lunch, a snack when I get home and then dinner quite late. I'm a hungry person lol!

My mum never ate enough on SW and her losses were rubbish, she just couldn't find time to eat and couldn't physically eat breakfast. Our consultant tried to help her but my mum wouldn't change her eating habits and eventually gave up.


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I have a light breakfast... usually a few pieces of fruit over a couple of hours at my desk, sometimes a small hot breakfast if at home, poached eggs on toast, or an omlette or something
A reasonable lunch...salad with either cold meats, fish of a jacket and beans.... dinner anywhere between 6 - 8
I will howver often have a supper...especially if I haven't used my healthy extras...so cheese on toast, or alpen light & hot milk.
If I'm going out, I'll always saves HEXs for a post beer sandwich!!


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Our C said that if you never had breakfast before SW don't start.

Personally I've always been a cereal for breakfast girl so my HEA and HEB get used up quick.

I then have lunch which a lot of the time is leftovers and dinner at about 8. Usually just fruit and fromage frais if anything afterwards.

I did go a bit mental and stocked up on muller lights when I started SW but I'd never had really had yoghurts pre SW so don't really get them now.

Treat wise, I always have broken up cubes of dark (70%+) chocolate in the fridge (1 syn a cube) and mikados (1/5 a syn each) but try to go for fruit first!!!

Hope this helps x

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The secret to a good diet is not to starve yourself. Eat 4-5 times a day, in small amounts. That way, as long as you feed your tummy, it won't ask for more. Just know what are the right food to eat. Never skip a meal. It will make you more hungry!
thanks for the advise guys....im making a very concious effort today to stay home and eat properly. Altho ive just had my breakfast and im still hungry, i got a feeling today is gonna be one of them days when i just feel hungry all the time lol.

I put a load of veg soup in my slow cooker at 5am this morning when my lo decided it was time to get up, only to change her mind at 5.45 lol, so im going to eat that at about 1ish then pick my lad up from school at 2 and go swimming with the kids. It will be an early dinner when we get back as we always feel hungry after swimming, but then i can have supper later on.

My biggest problem is the fact i hate been at home, dont kow why but i do lol, so i usually go out about 9/10am and stay out till 4/5 sometimes 7/8 at night. i normally only go to my mums so end up cooking dinner at hers. I need to change this tho as nothing is getting done at home, i have piles of washing etc that i dont gt time to do.

So more time at home = better eating plan and better housekeeping! I cant carry on like i am

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