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skipping packs

eeek... I'm not medically trained but I believe the 500cals or so a day are needed for your body to basically function. I think it would be harmful not for you to eat all 4... I know it seems stupid because there's no hunger and I end up having 2 or 3 left at night but you should force yourself to have all of them.

I'm sure i remember reading somewhere too that if you don't get enough cals/vitamins etc., your body will burn the muscle tissue rather than the fat for energy!

Be careful xx
I'm not sure if it's ok to skip the occasional foodpack on the total plan because each pack has been worked out to provide nutrients and vitamins.

I'm on the lite plan and had to miss out packs in my first week because of the meat flavours such as chili con carne but when I asked about this out at my group meeting we were told we must eat all of our 3 packs.

I suppose if you missed one or two a week you won't do any harm but if you regularly miss a pack then in the long term you won't be getting the benefit of the vitamins which could cause health problems.

As a woman it is very beneficial to get the b vits and stuff like magnesium and iron.
Eating late at night and gaining weight is a myth, or so I've heard.

It is the total amount of calories consumed in a day that matters.

However, as I've got older I find I get indigestion if I eat too late of an evening!!!

I did recently read a post on here about a lady who eats nothing all day and then has her pack in the evening and she has lost weight.

I guess you eat when it most suits you.
I always have two to three packs to have after 7pm - and my last pack is usually half 10, 11pm... its made no difference to my first week's weight loss so definitely a myth.

C xx


Likes to change diets...
Best not to skip packs as your body will, 1: not receive all the nutrients it needs and 2: Your body will go into starvation mode and you will not lose weight...only repeating what I have read!

I also have my last pack around 10.30 and it hasn't made a difference to my weight loss. Just drink plenty of water!:)
My LLC has been very adamant that we must make every attempt to eat all 4 foodpacks a day, for 2 reasons:

1. You don't get 100% of your daily nutrients if you don't
2. You actually lose LESS weight by eating less than the 4 foodpacks. Reason being that if you eat 4, you've got the minimum requirements that your body needs to function. But if you eat only 3, your body goes into starvation mode and actually tries to retain as much as it can (i.e. your excess fat) instead of burning it up for energy.

So really, don't skip foodpacks.

Edit: Posted this at pretty much the exact same time as Sorcha :p


Likes to change diets...
Lol Joyia...great minds and all that!:)
EAT ALL YOUR PACKS! I was on packs for almost nine months and can safely say that in the weeks I didn't have them all I lost less weight. Yes, it sounds bizarre that you need to eat more to lose more but it's true. There was even one week when I put on 1lb because I was stupidly working on the theory that the less I had, the more I'd lose. Can you imagine how disheartened I was thast week?

You might feel fine but the long term effects of actualt starvation are not worth risking.

Some days I'd 'double up' and have two at a time. Make them lovely and thick.

They tell you to have four for a reason. Because that's what works! If you want to lose your weight quickly, have them all!! x
With regards to the mixing two packs together, earlier I mixed the porridge pack and the chocolate pack together and it was delicious.:eat:

I will definately do that again.
chocolate and porridge? Never heard of that one but i'm sure it was nice-in a wierd kind of way! I prefer strawberry and chocolate together but tat's just boring compared to your combination!

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