Skydive tomorrow!! 18.01/09


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hey ladies,

I had brain surgery on 17.01.2008 for a brain aneurysm, and it now today is my year anniversary. woohoo!!
i found a fantastic website that has helped me so so so much throughout this year, they have a discussion board, (quite like this) that is for people who have been through, or are going through the same as me. They have helped me to understand everything from a real persons point of view, rather than a doctors (who havent experienced it)
soooooo..... to thank them for all there help and support i am doing a skydive tomorrow. And any money i am sponsored is going to be donated to brain aneurysm foundation (The Brain Aneurysm Foundation) to help them with there research etc.

So please wish me luck!! i am totally petrified of heights, and i really am starting to wonder why i am doing this. haha.:confused:

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omg thats amazing, well done, firstly for having the guts to do it at all and 2nd for giving to such a great cause.

i send u all my best wishes, good luck hun


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Ditto what Pree said!! That really is very brave and thoughtful of you. You're a braver girl than I am, lol! Good luck, hope you have a fab day, and well done on the fundraising :0clapper:


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WOW - how did it go!!!!