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  1. archantgirl

    archantgirl Full Member

    Hi Everyone, I m back! I am cutting out the carbs this week, and uping water intake. I have put on a stone just ecentley so I have to shift some more flab! Then starting a week tomorrow on the old SS!

    :eek:Tomorrow I am doing a skydive tandem at 10,000 feet, I was ok but I am now bricking myself! Has anyone ever done one before? And how was it? I am terrifed of just jumping out of a plane! Does not feel normal! I know when I have done it I will be elated, but I m really terrified, and I don't know whay I actually wanted to do it! (other than rasie money for the Bic C charity!)

    Please please let me know I am doing the right thing! I hhave learned that my heartt rate will be about 200BPM, and that there is 40% less oxygyne up there~! And that I COULD DIE! Please can an experienced person get in touch!!!!! x
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  3. katie_oxo

    katie_oxo Silver Member

    Well I'm not experienced at all as I've never done it but I am sooooooooooo jealous that I've gone a serious shade of green. Enjoy it, look on the positive side ie you're not gonna die and you're gonna have one of the best days of your life. Please let us know afterwards just how great it is.
  4. ninababes

    ninababes Gold Member

    OH wow you're a braver person than's something i've always wanted to do but dont have the courage o do it...(that and the fact i pass out if i get too high except in a plane for some reason lol)
  5. sonban

    sonban Addicted to Minimins

    Good luck with the sky dive you have got more guts than me my tummy turns looking out of the upstairs window.:eek:
  6. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Good luck with your sky dive!

    It will be one big adrenaline rush for sure and you will have a wonderful sense of achievement once you have done it!!!!

    Good for you, which I was so brave!!!

    Love Mini xxx
  7. Jools

    Jools Gold Member

    wow hun ... you go girl!!

    Good luck for your jump!

  8. Mochaj

    Mochaj Gold Member

    Good luck with the skydive! I've done some and it's great fun :) If you just remember to keep your chin UP then you can breathe normally. If you look straight down into the airflow then you will have more difficulty breathing! They will tell you all that and a lot more that you need to know at your briefing before the jump though. Are you having the jump filmed? If you get the option (most places will offer it) then I would definitely recommend you getting it filmed. It will go so quickly it'll be over before you know it!

    As long as you remember the instructions your tandem instructor gives you, you will be absolutely fine. Even if you DON'T remember to do anything he has told you, you will be fine. They are very highly trained so they can compensate for people who ignore everything they were told. So if they have someone strapped to their front who flails their limbs about all over the place, they can still make adjustments with their own body to make your freefall safe and smooth :) They train with huge weighted bags strapped to their front in freefall, so they are used to carrying the additional weight of an additional person.

    It will seem very noisy in freefall just because of the speed at which you are falling, also your face feels really funny as the air pushes your cheeks up, so if you do have pictures or video/dvd you will really laugh at the way you look :D Once the canopy opens it's like instant silence! A very strange sensation the first time you do it but really peaceful. You'll probably then spend 3 to 5 minutes under canopy before you land and 99% of the time your landing will be so smooth that you hardly feel it (the other 1% of the time you get a bump on the bum that's all, just like sitting down heavily in a chair)

    Hope you really enjoy it! I am sure you will. If you are at all worried remember these instructors do this hundreds of times a year with people of all different shapes and sizes and all different levels of fear. I have so much confidence in their training that I would go with a new tandem instructor as his/her first passenger with no doubts in my mind that it was safe to do so. I hope that will give you confidence :)

    I used to pack the parachutes for tandems, so I also have a lot of confidence in the equipment used, how it is packed, and the checks it all undergoes. I've never yet met anyone who regretted doing a tandem and I've seen thousands, so that says something about it!

    If you have any questions feel free to ask. I'll be here again later this evening.

    Have fun!

  9. Mochaj

    Mochaj Gold Member

    PS: Have warm clothes on, it's a tad chilly up there in freefall :)
  10. Mochaj

    Mochaj Gold Member

    I forgot to ask, which airfield are you going to for the tandem?
  11. anoushka

    anoushka Full Member

    Just wanted to echo what Mochaj said - listen to your instructor and it will be fine. I did a tandem jump in Australia and it was amazing. We were in a little plane going up and I said something like 'ooh we're really high up aren't we?' and my instructor just looked at me and said 'err we're only at 300 feet!' Doh! But it was a fab feeling and I felt like I was walking on air for about a week afterwards - enjoy! Anoushka xx
  12. archantgirl

    archantgirl Full Member

    Done it!


    I did the jump yesterday and my GOD! It was the most fantastic thing I have EVER EVER done! I want to go up and do it again! I was shouting out THIS IS BLOODY FANTASTIC as I was freefalling, but could not hear myself as we were going so fast! I raised £250 for the big c charity, I was so elated, I just want to go and do it again! Once I have shifted more weight, I think I will do it again"

    Thabk you for all of your kind words, I really appreciated iut!
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  13. Hedgemag

    Hedgemag Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Well done you, glad you enjoyed the experience...when are you going to do it again??????

    I'm a real chicken, so I really admire anyone that can do things like that.:rolleyes:
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  14. itsnowornever

    itsnowornever Full Member

    well done you have more guts than me i wouldn t be brave enough to do it wish i had though bet it was fab
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  15. Mrs V

    Mrs V Loves Life!

    Well done!!!!

    It's on my list of things that I would love to do when I reach skinnydom, even though I am petrified of heights, I want to raise money for charity too.

    You lucky, lucky thing!!!
  16. archantgirl

    archantgirl Full Member

    It was fantastic falling out of the plane, dropping through the clouds, having the actual clouds touching your face! I really ache this afternoon, but then i AM NOT SURPRISED!

    As we sat in the plane taking off, I was at tne back, I was the last to jump which meant I got to see al the faces of the people going before me, and hear them screaming! I was "COME ON! LETS DO IT!"

    Then, as you drop 5,ooo feet in 40 seconds (you go 120MPH) the clouds clear and you see the earth, the feilds look tiny, you cannot see people. You drop under the parachute for about 6 minutes, where you can see all the surrounding towns and villages.Sheep in the feilds look like little dots! it's so peacful, it is silent coming down.

    I tell you, I am a rollaer coaster junkie, and the bigger and faster the better! This makes all those roller coaster in the satets look like going to a kiddies fun park! It is the best ever adrenanlen rush!
  17. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Well done!!!

    Looks like your hooked:D

    Congratulations on raising £250 for charity at the same time.

    Love Mini xxx
  18. SHAZA

    SHAZA Silver Member

    Oh Janice

    Well done you and fab for raising the money for Charity

    My stomach was turning reading your post I am a real chicken and scared of heights like you wouldnt know. Get dizzy when on a step tee hee


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