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I have also noticed I dont sleep to well anymore....is this just me, or does anyone think this may be a side effect? Curious to hear if anyone else has been the same?...:confused:

I have been getting up so early these days, up at the crack of dawn as I can no longer lie in...lol...I dont mind though, cos I am getting loads done with the extra time awake!:) do you think this is my new found energy???:confused:
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is loving the soup?!
No, not just you. In fact I was thinking of adding 'insomnia' to BlackRose's pros and cons list...in both categories!
I hate that I lie awake for hours at night - it is taking me roughly 2 hours to drop off, but I don't actually have the energy to get up and do anything.
But I love waking up earlier. This weekend I was up around half five each morning. Sounds awful but I got loads done and had so much more free time as a result. I also find it easier to get up for work.
it comes and goes with me -if i've kept busy and haven't had my last shake too late I find I can drift off more easily. I think its just cus I've sooo much more energy now. I have some nytol always on hand now, stop black coffees at no later than 5pm and a hot bath and lots of lovely bodybutter helps me feel relaxed enough to conk out!

Try a week of early nights with the nytol and see if it helps you develop a routine -thats what I do when I get all out of sync. :D
I tend to stay up late and sleep in (though not possible when I have to get up early!!!!) I have been known to get up, throw some clothes on and do the school run unwashed!!!! It wakes me up and I often come home and do a keep fit DVD before my shower!


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