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Has anyone else used one of these? My oh came home last night with an abs one each. Only problem is, he already looks like the photo on the box ;)

I'm just about at target and despite fitting a size 10 skirt/trousers I'm still a bit flabby around the middle - and my aerobics class has broken up for the summer (that's France for you!).

Just wondered if anyone else has had good results from this. They suggest a 4 week programme and we had the first session last night.
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Not done Slendertone but have got the Avon equivalent for abs. It really worked on me years ago when I lost a lot of weight but I used to just put it on in the morning and keep pressing the button all day lol. I did have a firm middle after a couple of months, so I can only speak as I find and say it worked for me. Cost me a fortune in batteries lol.

Good luck
Slendertone. Are they those belts that are supposed to work your stomach muscles by vibrating against you? If so, I had one once but found it quite an uncomfortable feeling. I don't think it helps that the first time I used it I turned it up quite high and ended up feeling like I'd been punched in the gut by Frank Bruno. I was winded for several minutes. Had to have a lie down and everything.

Proceed with caution would be my advice :D


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I used one years ago when I was a young thin 21 year old (that was in fact only 8 years ago but two kids and 4 stone on it feels like a lifetime ago!). And yes I found it worked. But i did have ok stomach muscles before i started and was also exercising properly aswell so maybe it was the combination of it all together. I imagine if i used one now it would vibrate and wobble the fat - I would need some sort of high voltage machine to reach any actual muscle!


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Thanks for the comments. I did take it easy the first session. It has a built-in timetable gradually increasing the length - it's up to you to decide the level from 1-100. I'm quite fit, so got to level 50 the first session. OH despite his 6 pack could only manage 20 before nearly fainting :D

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