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Hi, My advice to you is dont waste your money. I bought one of these about 3 years ago and it is pure tourture lol. Apart from childbirth it has to be the second most painful thing ever!! It sends electric pulses through your body and even on the lowest setting it bloody hurts ouch!!!!! I cauld never wear mine long enough to see if it actually works. Suppose it depends how much you like pain!! lol (some are into it but not me)


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Hiya, :)

I have one, I got it years ago, but to be honest I used it loads when I first bought it but I dont bother using it now, I could see a difference when using it all the time, but everyone's results may differ.. I will use it again when I lose a couple of stone, as I dont think it would work if you have alot of stomach fat as you need to lose the fat for it to pulsate to your muscles..

I don't think it's painful at all, Its a weird feeling, but not pain & I hate to be in pain..

I bought one a long time ago. The one with pads and cords. Such a faff. Not even sure where is is now! Probably in the loft.

The new ones may be better but it is a weird experience.

Chadleys is right. Don't waste your money
Theres a thread on here somewhere by Icemoose recommending it .....
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I have heard great things about this. My sister in law loves heres

hth x

Deb G

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Icemoose raves about it.....I had one ages ago, but I couldn't be bothered with it a lot of the time. I also think that actually exercising the muscles (ie with crunches/pilates etc) has got to be a more effective way!
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I have one on Icemooses recommendation and it was awesome when I was using it. I would totally recommend one but.....I was going to the gym for an hour and using the abbelt for two half hour sessions a day on high intensity and overdid it when I was on LL last year. So if you get one take it easy.
Hi, I have the shorts which tho a bit fiddly to get on are very good indeed, once you put the pads in the right place to start they stay there and you just put shorts on without too much bother (gets easier) like all things good for you - you have to keep plugging away at it but once ur regimented you can bang em on and then do other things, I iron in mine! (under a skirt mind you) and the irony is that they work even better when you're sitting down, but this does depend on individual pain thresholds but you control the strength and you get used to that too - especially when you see the inches drop off - and they do! Hope that helps :)
erm... what size do you have to be for the shorts to fit?
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I have to agree with Megmax - it reminded me of the TENS machine they hook you up to when in labour. Maybe thats what I didn't like about it, it reminded me too much of labour pains LOL!. Luckily I borrowed it from a friend to try before buying one.

Ask around I'm sure someone you know has one stashed away somewhere!

Susan x
Hi Mrs Pink, I managed to buy the wrong size and got a medium by mistake! ( I was 20/22 at the time and the word medium was never uttered!) the velcro was tight but I got em on tho it was a bit demoralising and tears were shed BUT the large would have gone on fine but all measurements are on the web site! it's not the big faff that the old ones were with wires and knobs and switches etc, they've come a long way. Hope that helps :)
I used to go on slendertone machines in a salon years ago and then bought one of the ones for home use. They definitely work and do not hurt if the pads are actually put in the right place on the muscles. If you get pain you need to move the pad. They are a great lazy way for doing exercise and you can also ensure you exercise muscles such as at the side of the knees which is good if for holding the patella in place if you've ever had knee pain.

Also make sure you put it on low and then turn it up - don't make the mistake of starting off on what you usually end up with the impulses on.

Make sure you fully read the instructions though and don't put the pads anywhere you aren't supposed to.

Another lazy way of exercising which is good is to go to a salon and use toning tables. Exercing without the effort.

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