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slendertone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, you need to think about how comfortable you feel with the belts levels... If its making you double over in pain then im guessing its too high, if you hardly feel it working then its too low... Have it on a level where you feel it working but not enough to make your face look like you have entered a gurning contest... lol ... Hope this helps !
Slendertone wont help you lose the weight, just build up your ab muscles. I have the problem of a great 6 pack but its covered my a small layer of fat. I can feel them and i know i exersize them enough but until i can remove this darn stubborn fat area, i wont be able to see them.


Says it as it is!!!
C: 8st11lb G: 8st11lb
Hi i have mine at, at least 50 (65 last time i wore it) you should feel your muscles really contracting and it pull on them.
Reeseanderson is right slendertone will build your muscles...the more muscle you have the more efficently you burn fat.. and dont worry about muscle weight, it takes ages to build xx
thanks guys i think i will jack it up !!!!!!!!!


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S: 19st9lb
About how much are they?
I'm in ireland.
think I might get one if not too expensive. How long do you use it each day and how quick does it show?
hiya daisybank,

at the moment im using it for about 2 hrs a day i will keep u up tp date with how long it takes to show anyway i have a question for you have u been weighed yet and if so how much have you lost ?
hi hun - no I am trying not to, but have lost lots of sizes in clothes. I know some think its weird but I dont want to get obsessed with the scales again.

How you doing honey :)

Hi again...

Slendertone belts are around £100 new on their website and in some stores, the best thing to do is look on e-bay. Some e-shops sell them for £45 and they are new... Thats where i bought mine, i was lucky that no one else was bidding and ended up getting it for £35. They are good things to have if you want to work your abs while sitting on your arse watching tv or even out for a walk... :D
I use mine three times a day and can feel the muscles, the one thing peole seem to think is that its also going to get rid of the fat. It doesnt really work that way, im losing the weight but still seem to have a problem area right where my abs are located.. Grr to fat !...:mad:
See how you get on with a belt, take it steady. Get used to the feeling and dont take the levels too high at first, make sure you feel comfortable with it on.
Uh... Yeah... If you are losing the fat around your stomach then eventually there wont be any fat... If you are working your abs then they will be on show after a while. YaY !...
It takes time but its worth it. xx


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If you carry on with this diet and use slendertone, would the fat on your stomach eventually be toned?

Hi hun, the fat on your tummy wont be toned, but you'll lose the fat on the diet and the slendertone will tone your muscles underneath the fat. I'd love a six pack.....ebay here I come!!


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Says it as it is!!!
C: 8st11lb G: 8st11lb
Not bad hunni ... Just chilling out thought i would come see how you guys are getting on x How are you hun?
Swit swoo on the flesh xx


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I thought I'd do a bit of work, sold two holidays so thought I'd nip on here. I'm struggling losing the last bit now. I know the inches are dropping, but I want the scales to drop too. I'm sure they'll catch up.

Glad you are feeling good. Have you heard of those Universal Contour Wraps....I'm thinking of checking them out. Someone on here had one and lost 11 inches in one session....they say you can lose 30 inches in 3 sessions. What do you recon?


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