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i think it is those pads u put on ur bod and it contracts ur muscles for ya - unless i am completely wrong and its a cheesecake u eat 4 times a day and lose 14lb a week with! ahhhhhhh if only :D


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If only it was a cheesecake.

Lisa is right. I've got the abs one. Its a belt you put round your mid drift and it works the ab muscles. They also have them for the butt, thighs and arms.

If you see the adverts there is no way you'd believe they work, but they certainly do. You can feel the muscles working big time, whilst you are lying there watching TV. Its all good.
you got to get one!


I always thought slendertone was a gimick and then I started LT and joined this forum and heard people talk about it.

I STILL thought it was a gimick and started to do some research online. I read reports on experiments, I read hundreds of reviews and I definitely came to the conclusion that slendertone works.

I believe that doing slendertone with LT is the perfect combination to get anyone the best results.

LT ensures you loose fat.
Slendertone ensure you tone muscle.

When you do both at the same time then you get a perfect combination.

It takes 8 weeks to see results with slendertone, but if your muscles are covered in fat then you wont see the results, but you will still loose a couple of inches from your waist as the muscles are toned more.

I reckon most people on LT will be on it for 2 to 4 months on average. This works out perfect if you use slendertone because in 2/3/4 months you will have got rid of all the fat and you will see the results of slendertone.

No point being slim but flabby tummy?

It costs £149 to get the abs system with another system (arms or ass).

The way I see it I am not going out as much and I want to do everything I can do maximise the impact of the next couple of months on my LT result. I think its money well spent and the belt is soooo easy to use and recharge that you can wear it doing anything. Walking the dog, doing gardening, watching TV, on minimins... so I reckon its something I will get a lot of use from.

I would recommend slendertone to anyone, even if you have a lot of weight to loose, the sooner you get started the better I reckon!



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hmmmmmm thanks guys, think i may have to get my flexible friend out!!!

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