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Slightly confused, but not about SW!

Hey everyone!

Firstly, sorry if I've posted this in the wrong place.

Secondly, as the subject titles says, I'm slightly confused! :confused:

I know this will give my weight away without me actually having to say it, but one of my mini goals is to be able to get back on the wii fit.
Official WI last week left me 2lb to go....

Sunday morning I thought to myself "i'm going to see if it will let me on...." and it did! And yesterday morning. And this morning.
Of course, until I *officially* WI at the correct weight, i'm not going to mark it off as goal complete. In the mean time I'm just making the most of it and doing the exercise! :)

Anyway, here's where my confusion starts....

When I did the body test on the wii fit this morning, it told me I was 2lb lighter than yesterday mornings body test......

-Can I just take this moment to say I'm not taking what the Wii Fit says for gospel! -

......I then thought to compare this, I'd get my weighing scales out.
The scales showed me at 4.5lb over the limit for the wii fit and 2.5lb heavier than WI last week.
2 weeks ago when I officially WI at what the weighing scales showed me this morning, the wii fit told me I was too heavy and wouldn't let me do anything!

As I said, i'm not taking the wii fit's say-so as gospel, but I'm really not inclined to believe the weighing scales either! LOL.

Sorry if I've lost anyone with my rambling, but I needed to get that off my chest!

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I don't attend a class but nearly everyone on here will tell u to go by ur class scales as they r calibrated correctly etc
I am doing sw at home & have only weighed on my bathroom scales but as long as I always weigh on them then it'll be accurate. Once u start on all sorts of scales u'll just get confused/upset.
Oh I know weight fluctuates from day to day and from scales to scales, but the point I was trying to make is if the home scales this morning were right, then the Wii Fit shouldn't have let me on, as it didn't when I officially WI in class at the same weight 2 weeks ago!! :confused: *shrug*
Yay for getting back on the wii. I think it is slightly a positional thing with it. Personally I would just enjoy the exercises and see what WI brings :). Happy wiiing :p x
I agree with alley 985, yay! for getting back on the wii, and take every victory as a huge step and don't worry about which scales are right, as long as you're on thats the main thing.

well done on your successes! keep it up xx
It took me ages to understand what you meant at 1st SarJay, well done you!

When I 1st joined SW I couldn't weigh my son using baby weigh, now I can & we both come in at less than 20 stone combined-such a great feeling!

Good luck for weigh in, x
Thanks everyone! :)

As long as it will let me on, I shall continue to go on it every day for some exercise, which has got to be a good thing?! ;)

I may try it later on tonight to see if it will still let me on.....LOL.


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Excellent news the wii will play with you now!! And well done on your loss.

Do take what the wii fit says you weigh with a pinch of salt. Mine told my oh he had gained a stone in 24 hours!!
Excellent news the wii will play with you now!! And well done on your loss.

Do take what the wii fit says you weigh with a pinch of salt. Mine told my oh he had gained a stone in 24 hours!!

It did that to my husband once before aswell! LOL :rolleyes:

Anyway, I've just tried out the Wii Fit again and yes, it let me on, but told me I had put on 3lb since this morning....I've not long finished my dinner though, so that probably didn't help. Either way, it let me on.

I shall be back on it tomorrow morning for some more exercise! :)
My mate went on the wii her baby cried so she picked her up and it told her off for putting on so much weight, then after she pit her down it told her she needed Drs for her sudden weightloss!!!!
LOL, it's madness! :rolleyes:

Anyway, it let me back on this morning and according to the body test, I've put on 1lb since yesterday mornings body test. (I didn't save the results of last nights one)
But ignoring that, I did a 15mins workout this morning and am certainly feeling it in my thighs now! :eek:
Wow, now I'm confused lol!!

Really can't help as I can't get my head round the post, but didn't want to read and run. Hope you get sorted xx
Day 5 and the wii fit let me on again! ;) 10 minute workout today.

According to the body test this morning, I've lost the 1lb I put on yesterday and the bmi has gone down too.

Official WI tonight and am unsure what to expect from it. I know what I would like to get from it.....:eek:
I've stuck 100% to plan this past week and aside from the wii fitting every day, I also went swimming on Monday and have been walking a lot more too!

To tell you the truth....I'm very nervous and I don't know why!

good luck :)

The wii fit takes off an allowance weight for your clothing. Either light clothing or heavy clothing, i am not sure exact lbs for each as I have not looked at mines since getting kinect! Anyhoo if you have been selecting light all the time and maybe have on heavy clothing (thick tracksuit for example) then it will come up you weigh more. Silly things like if there is a slight slope in your flooring causes issues with the scales on the board too if its not positioned in exactly the same place as you had it the day before.

I hope that makes some sense?! Generally day to day body weight can fluctuate a few pounds, I wish weigh ins were in the morning as the scales look so much better then!!!
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