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Slim fast and Xenical


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im doing exactly that.... things have slowed right down for me... but i think thats something that everone goes through... but i am very happy doing both, and i can say ive not had any problems.

the snack bars and packets of snacks are not in the rule (5g per 100g) so i dont eat them (if i do its not on a regular basis and its only to use up what i had brought before i started taking the tablets)

if you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask...
Hi Kes, well done on your weight loss! Your doing brilliant.

So, if I were to have a shake for breakfast and lunch and a healthy meal for dinner, am I still allowed to have the 3 snacks if they arent the slim fast snacks? E.g how about Snack a Jacks? A chocolate bar ( if it was the correct amount of fat)? Also is it 5g of fat per 100g or per packet/slice etc? Is it fat or of what saturates? Sorry for all the questions!


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ask as many questions as you like!!!

snack a jacks are ok. (some are outside the 5% rule... which is....
you should avoid foods with more than 5g of fat per 100 grams... and to shouldnt go over 15g per meal (including pudding)
it does get easier....

so where was i... yes snack a jacks i have... (i eat the caramel ones more often than none, as they are lowest in fat and yummy too)
i stick to (well try to) 3 snacks a day. one in the morning one in the afternoon and one after dinner (which usually is my pudding)

if you can find any chocolate in the 5g per 100g rule.... TELL ALL OF US!!!!!!

with snacks, i think the general rule applies that you shouldnt have any more than about 3 g of fat...

some days go completly out the window on what i have for snack, and ill have more than my 100cals... but im still enjoying life...

to get ideas of what i do eat.. check out my diary in the diary section i post most days up there. (im a little behind and might get a chance tonight to do some more)
Hi Kes, thanks for the advice. Just got my slim fast powder, chocolate flavour :D but im a bit worried as it says its 7.5grms of fat per 100grms. Isnt that going over the 5g rule? Do you think this will be ok? My mum, bless her, also picked me up the slim fast chocolate crunch bars but they are 9 grms per 100grms, so take it these are a no go.


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to be honest ive never really looked at the powders... lol
im not one for them, as i am never at home so i always use the pre made ones.
but i have had the powders and i have had no problems.
i guess its not that much over.. but still over..
ive not had the bars, for the reason that they are high....

see how you go.... but if you are worried, maybe buy the premade ones.....
Thanks Kes. For some reason the choc powder is nearly 8grms of fat per 100grms of powder but the pre made is 2grms of fat per 100mls. Confused! :confused: Just had my first shake an hour ago, not bad in flavour, will add ice next time though to make it really cold. I take it Diet coke is ok to have? I will be drinking alot of water but I love diet coke, dont think I could live without the odd glass LOL.
wow you sound like me, i was a diet coke addict, trust me you will learn to cut it right down or even right out. i have and i feel a lot better because i just relyed on it too much.

i too do slim fast and xenical and have no probs, i do however get bored and mix things up a bit, sometimes i have slimfast sometimes i just have fruit. anyway it doesnt give side effects with the xenical
Hi, well done on your loss! Your doing so well.

Do you know what I havent had as much Diet Coke today as I normally do and its only day one! Ive been drinking alot of water, so long may it continue!
if your like me your probably feeling like life without diet coke is unthinkable, as time goes on your taste buds will change and you wont feel you need it for energy, i was very much like that.

going from coke to water is hard ! im not keen on just water, but i drink diluted drinks like theres no tomorrow, its easier if there is a taste after all i was hooked on the diet coke and you cant get much tastier than that! diet coke might b no fat but its still not good for your body, cut it out as much as you can and i promise you will be looking back thinking wow i dont need it no more

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