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Slim Fast bargain....

S: 13st12lb G: 9st5lb
Oooh thanks for that:D

I will have to get down there. Last year when I was doing SF they used to have the snacks and meal bars cheap too.

Mel x


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That's means a trip into the city, damn hardly ever go in there! Might see if anybody else is going in and get them to get me some as that is SO cheap!!!
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we dont have a wilkinsons in ayr...:sigh:

Linda xx
I have just been and stocked up at wilkos :D The whole range has some money off I bought the big tins (£2.44), ready made coffee shakes (85p) a box of 3 bars (£1.97 instead of £2.98)and some chocolate caramel bars for 32p each instead of 49p....yummy :D

I'm officially starting the plan tomorrow as I have been introducing it while following SW meals but it's not really working so am doing the proper slimfast plan as of tomorrow. xxxx


Grappling with life
I found today its actually £2.24 a tin and the ready made shakes were 77p!!! Bought another choc one today.

Stock up while its cheap!
S: 13st12lb G: 9st5lb
I hope they are still on offer on Tuesday.

That's when my boys go back to school, I really can't be bothered going to town with them again!! I end up spending a fortune lol

Mel x


Ready and willing!!
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Crikey Moses!!

I usually get my stuff from wilkos as I find the supermarkets just don't carry enough of the range. I am without doubt getting myself there tomorrow after work to stock up!!

At 20p per serving ... you cannot go wrong!

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Thanks for that George,will go tomorrow,never tried the bars what are they like?


Grappling with life
Dry!!! You definately need to wash them down with something. I find the bars don't keep me as full for as long as the shakes do, but they are handy to have in the cupboard and easier to throw in your handbag than bottles of shakes.
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Isn't it weird how we are all so different! I find the bars fill me up a lot more than the shakes, I can count the number of shakes i've had on one hand since I started slimfast, don't know if its in my head, the fact i've actually eaten something rather than just had a drink :confused: The fruits of the forest bars are lovely, a lot nicer than the choc ones
S: 13st12lb G: 9st5lb
I got some bargains today....sent dh to Wilko's and got some smoothies 77p each and 2 tins of powders:D

I must say though, I wasn't too sure about the smoothies maybe it wasn't cold enough though, will have another tomorrow for breakfast. I still thinkI am favouring the shakes.

I also find the bars too dry and less fulfilling than the shakes;)

Mel x
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I bought a load the other day from Wilkos - that's what prompted me to start on SF cos usually it's too expensive. I'm getting on well with it so have been back today and bought more! I reckon I have enough to last a few weeks.

I know I don't like vanilla, strawberry or banana milk shakes, but have about 3 tins of chocolate that I have for breakfast. I have got the smoothies which are nice, and some ready made cafe latte shakes and some bars for lunches as they're handy at work!

I tried one of the bars today. I found it went down quite well with a cup of tea!:D

I have some snack bars too but not tried them yet as I've been mainly having fruit, low fat crisps or today a Solero and a Pimms with diet lemonade (not nutritious I know but nice) as my snacks.
S: 13st12lb G: 9st5lb
Hey pinkyfluff

I got my banana shakes from Asda...2 for £7

Mel x


Grappling with life
Was in town today but didn't have time to go down to wilkinsons and look for banana flavour - had time to go to sainsburys for biscuits though :confused:

When I see banana I will buy a couple of tins - keep me going as it is my fave flavour.


Full Member
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Sainsburys or boots always have the banana tins in near me.

We don't have a Wilkinsons, possibly an English brand?


Grappling with life
I must be walking around with my eyes closed!!! Unless the banana flavour coloured tin is very very similar to vanilla favoured coloured tin? Might have to start reading the tins! I think Wilkinsons is possibly a more Southern England chain? The big Boots store here always seems to sell out of everything slim fast really quickly. Wish they would make the banoffee flavour into a powder.



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S: 11st4lb C: 10st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 22.8 Loss: 0st8lb(5.06%)
Pinky - Yeah the banana is a similar shade to vanilla. I know! I'll need to try the banoffee bottled shake, I don't usually spend the money on the bottled drinks but I'll make an exception lol, it sounds lovely!!!

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