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  1. amanda j94

    amanda j94 Member

    eyy - newbie here

    I NEED to shred some of this xmas weight (and of course the weight i accumulated in the months before that) as I reached 11 stone 6! I am 5 ft 2 and, knowing my body, this is just a crazy weight for me and sends my BMI into nearly 30 (obese) - not the one for a 20 year old girl!

    Anyway I have done 1 week of the atkins induction (with one cheat day when i went out and had vodkas) and lost 6.5lb!!! Couldn't believe it! I've never heard of a diet letting you lose so much weight before! Already hit my 1st goal of getting in the 10 stones and am hoping next Monday i can hit 10 stone 10 which would be 3.5 lbs this week. Normally i would be wary of setting such a high target but as of last weeks success I am going to risk it and i just will definitely NOT cheat this week.

    Its the 1st time I've done this type of diet and so I'm totally open to tips and - as always - encouragement! I think this kind of diet often gives people tight lips and judgey "that's not healthy" expressions so I really don't get a lot of support round here. Will keep updating every weight loss - assuming anyone wants to read my schenangans - and will try to give advice on things i found useful/not useful as the weeks go on. Anyway 1 week down, 13 to go...10 st 10 here i come!
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  3. Sam_Dodd

    Sam_Dodd Silver Member

    Welcome and Good luck !!
  4. sabz

    sabz Full Member

    Hi Amanda, I will be starting tomorrow so any tips will be appreciated. Well done on the 6.5lb loss that's nearly half a stone.amazing!
    I just love bread and sweet stuff so I don't know how to cope with that. What's ur average days menu?
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