Slim & Save to goal!!!


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Wanted to post on here to see if anyone is currently doing Slim & Save or was planning to start. I started yesterday in light of news that I have now developed type 2 diabetes so enough is enough. I haven’t always been overweight, I started gaining weight about 7 years ago but was shocked the other day when I realised it has been that long that I’ve been trying to lose it!

I tried S&S once before and had amazing success in a short period of time but I quit one day for no reason as I was at a party with lots of food! Then I found it hard to get back on plan as my head wasn’t in the right place.

I think with this diet you have to give it all or nothing, for me, there is no point losing a bit of the weight I need to lose and then wondering what to do next to reach goal so I’m going whole hog and planning to stay on this for an entire 5-6 months to lose the 5 stone I need to lose. I’m currently 15 stone 3.2 lbs and want to get back to 10 stone. Reviews online confirm that a stone a month is what you can expect to lose on plan but I have allowed myself 6 months in case I’m a bit slower and I’m off on holiday with some friends in 6 months so it would be lovely to have reached goal by then!

I’ll be posting on here daily and if anyone wants to be a support buddy please feel free to let me know as it’s much easier to succeed when you have support!

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So yesterday went well, it was day 1 on plan and my start weight was 15st 3.2lbs :oops:. It was easier than I thought but I kept busy all day which helped. I had tea in the morning and ate my first pack at 1pm which I think helped. I went for the spicy spaghetti with added slim noodles and it was delicious. It’s one of my favourite packs. Mid afternoon at 3pm I had a strawberry shake and then I didn’t get home until 8 so I had cottage pie followed by a cup of tea and my bar while I was reading in bed.

All in all, v successful day 1. I have woken up this morning and I don’t feel ravenous, I could eat but I think cup of tea or two will hold me until 12ish and I’ll have my first pack then. I’ve decided not to weigh everyday for once in my life! Going to step on the scale on Saturday next week for my 1 week weigh in and won’t be on the scale until then.