Slimbride's LL journey!


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Hello everyone

I found it very therapeutic writing on these boards the other day, so i thought I'd give you all an update!

I am now on day 5, and I have to say I've been very lucky and found it a breeze! I had a pop in with my LLC last night (mainly to swap some of my maky foodpacks for nice ones!) and I have already lost 4lbs - fab!

I did have some headaches yesterday, which couldnt be cured with nurofen but i found it annoying rather than unmotivating. It isnt a good time of the month for me this week either, but hopefully I will have a really good loss next week.

As far as the foodpacks go, I'm getting better at making them at work, although they are still pretty lumpy - my ones at home are fabulous! My fave by far is the choc shake - it is really creamy and tasty - and has the least aftertaste of them all.

I had my engagement party saturday night - lots of people over and a great time. I had to do all the cooking - mini sausages, sausage rolls, samosas, profiteroles - the works. I didn't touch a thing - nor did I lick my fingers when they were covered in icing!:p

I felt so proud of myself - it wasn't easy at all but i woke up the next day feeling energised, clear headed and slim - a total contrast to how I would have felt pre-LL. It also brought hom to me how much food is a mental problem for me - I put my hand out to the buffet table so many times and withdrew it each time - if I hadnt been on LL I would have had a nibble every time, not even counting the cheeky bits i would have eaten whilst serving the food! Really brought it home to me!

I have a challenge I do need help for though - I am going out for a pub dinner with my fiance and some relatives on sat night - how do I explain not eating? I don't want to say that I'm doing LL as they are all slim and will def not understand - I thought I might say that I had an upset stomach or something? :confused: Any advice?

Wow, great loss and well done you for staying away from the food - not sure I would have had your willpower!
Hi slimbride,
Maybe you could say that you went out for a big lunch and can't fit anymore food in AND re any alcohol you could say that you are on antibiotics??
Well done for resisting temptations at your Engagement party.
Well done on your weight loss so far. Keep strong and focused.
Hi Slimbride - I would suggest toothache as a great excuse - best not to drink or eat, and if they push you to have soup then you can say because you knew you wouldn't be able to eat what you really wanted you had soup at home before you came out....

I'm getting married in September - when are you?
Well done you are doing great!!

Go with the toothache or stomach ache thing and I'm sure it will be fine!

As far as making the packs at work go, I am an expert! I take a flask to work and the best thing to do is get a very small whisk, one that fits into a cup easily. put the powder in the cup and mix with cold water using the whisk to a smooth paste, I find better if you err on the dry side and you can add a little more cold water if needed. Then add a small amount of hot and whisk it in, adding a bit more hot and whisking it in, keeping going until your cup is filled. It sounds like it would take ages, but it only takes a minute or two and after a bit of practise you will get it just as good as you do with a blender.

Hi Islander

I'm getting married on 22nd december this year - I cant wait!

I would like to be steady at my goal weight (about 11.7 - although ive never been that light so it is subject to change!) by my birthday on 25th june - I want to try and live at and maintain my weight for a good few months before the wedding so theres no last minute panics!

I'm going wedding dress shopping the first weekend after my 100 days is over! What a motivation!

How are your arrangements going?